Thursday, April 9, 2009

"A Child Called 'It'" by Dave Pelzer

This book "A Child Called It" is a very sad story about one childs courage to survive. this childs name is David Pelzer and he is alos the one who actually wrote this book. Once David was loved and never hit in any way, but wehn he grew older well i dont know around 7 or 8 her started to get abused...BAD! His father was his only hope. At sometimes he would actually sneak scraps from school or out of the garbage but always after he got home or got done taking out garbage his mother MADE him get sick on purpose so she could see what he had snuck. the first time it happened his father was at work and this was right after school {where he had snuck into the Cafeteria and ate a frozen hotdog}, his mother made him puke it up and then went got a bowl and put the little red chinks in there. When David's fatehr got home his mother showed his fatehr the leftovers and had said "Look what YOUR chikld is sneaking in school" and he just stood there. After David's Mom & Dad had "The Talk" his mother made him sit right at the table and eat the left over chunks rihgt out of the bowl WITH HIS FINGERS!
Well earlier before this his moth and him had a little "ACCIDENT" {well thats what she thinks}...David was having a normal day after school doing the evening dishes when his mother got furious at him for no complete reason. she said that he has 20 minutews to finish the dishes, and after she said that she grabbed a BIG knife out of the knife older and said "ORELSE". Well he didnt finish in 20 minutes so he turned around and he seen a knife coming at him. Then it was a black out for him after his mom was done paching him up she then said that he had 30 minutes to finish the dishes from where he left off. When he finally had the courage to tell his dad what his mother had just done to him, his father just sat there on the couch with the newspaper hiding his face and after he told his father, his father just told him not to make his mother mad again.
A little while after this David's mother told him that the abbuse was over and little after that the Social Services came and David told the lady that he only gets beat sometimes when he is a
"Bad Boy". After that the abbuse was back on.

i hope you guys like the book but i am not going to tell anymore.