Friday, January 14, 2011

The Lottery by Beth Goobie

Everyone thinks of the lottery as being a good thing right? You buy a ticket, you win money, blah blah blah, you are rich. Well, the answer now is no. The lottery is not good. In "The Lottery" by Beth Goobie, Sal has the unfortunate job of being the school's lottery winner. But, she doesn't get any money.The Lottery winner in her school gets chosen every year, and for one year that person (the lottery winner) has to do tasks for the infamous Shadow Council (so infamous, teachers even knock before they enter the club room). But so what, a couple of tasks over the period of a year? Well, the person who is chosen as a lottery winner ultimately becomes the school outcast, losing every friend in threat of the Shadow Council. But, no one can stand up to them. So, after every period of the lottery winner is over, that person is accepted back by their friends, actually talked to, and just has to forget how their "friends" just happened to forget about them for a year. This may not be so bad for some people, but imagine talking to someone you don't know, and when they look at you, they acquire a stare of fear. Then they make an excuse to get away from you. well, to figure out how Sal gets through her year as the lottery winner you have to read "The Lottery" by Beth Goobie.

This book was very good, and I give it a five out of five. It keeps you wondering what Sal will have to do next, and if anyone will talk to her. I recommend this book to everyone.