Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The Royal Diaries: Isabel, Jewel Of Castilla" by Carolyn Meyer

Isabel is the princess of Castilla. Her elder brother Enrique is the king. He banished her and her younger brother Alfonso to Segovia to be cared for by his queen Juana and her daughter princess Juana, princes of Asturias. Alfonso left and become a king against Enrique to defeat him and become the king of Castilla. Enrique is in court in Madrid. Enrique wishes that Isabel marries queen Juana’s elder brother who she calls El Escorpión, meaning scorpion. A letter from Enrique said that Isabel would not marry king Afonso , El Escorpión. She will marry Pedro Giŕon. The wedding is to be in one week and Isabel is to go to Madrid immediately. Pedro Giŕon is even more old and ugly compared to king Afonso. Giŕon has still not arrived in Madrid. Isabel will not eat until the wedding is canceled. A messenger said that Giŕon saw what he and his men thought an ill omen. Only hours after Giŕon fell queasy and died. Isabel felt ill. She had chills and a fever. The physician diagnosed her with ague. Isabel is visiting her mother and Alfonso just arrived. Alfonso has left to go to Toledo. BeatrÍz is expecting a child in spring. She had her child a baby boy and named him Rodrigo. His godmother is Isabel. Alfonso and Catalina both died. Isabel is to meet with Enrique. Enrique swore Isabel as his heir and then broke all of his promises. She has made a plan to make it so that she will not marry king Afonso. While Enrique is gone Isabel is leaving and has made marriage plans without Enrique’s OK. She will marry Fernando. They had 5 children named Isabel, Juan, Catalina, Maria and Juana. The only lucky of her children was Maria. Isabel died in child birth, Juan died at 19 Juana went mad Catalina married Henry VIII. Isabel died at the age of 53 just 9 years before Fernando.

I would give this book five stars and think that you should read it too.

Monday, January 5, 2009

"Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall" by Wendy Mass

Tessa is a mall brat. That means that her parents work at the mall. She knows all the secrets of the mall. But when her neck breaks in a dodge ball incedent,she finds herself in heaven which a pparently looks a lot like the mall. She meets a stranger with a drill bit in his head, he gives her a bag with important objects that in her life, she got from the mall. In the spirt A christmas Carol And It's a wonderful Life, Wendy Mallot takes the place of Tessa and tells in first person Heavem looks a lot like the mall.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"The New Prophecy, Warriors, Book 2: Moonrise" by Erin Hunter

After their long expedition to the Sun Drown place and meeting Midnight, the badger, and found out what trouble was coming to the forest. They must get back to get to the forest before the two legs destroy the forest to make a new thunderpath. The 4 chosen cats and the 2 cats that came along with them meet up with the old tabby tom Purdy when they were on their way out of the forest with Midnight. Squirlepaw’s wound from the rat bit was mostly gone from the burdock root that Midnight had. After they got out of the forest they realized that they could either leave through the two leg territory again or they could go through the mountains. They decide to go thought the mountains. While on patrol some of the Thunderclan cats see monsters coming off of the thunderpath and destroying the forest. Some of the Thunderclan cats try to talk with the other clans about the two leg destruction but neither Shadowclan or Windclan will talk and Riverclan cats have not been disturbed by the two legs. after the 6 cats that are on their way home decided to go through the mountains they jump over a ledge, barely making it over. Once they started climbing up more of the mountain a flood begins and start to carry Crowpaw and Stormfur of the mountain. All of the sudden they are all slipping on the mountain. Back at the forest, Leafpaw makes contact with Squirlepaw to tell their father, Firestar that the six cats are all OK. This gives Firestar more confidence for his daughter and the other cats. Back on the journey to the forest the cats wake up finding that they had fallen off of the mountain. They see things moving in the bushes and realize that there are cats in this area. These are the cats of the Tribe Of Rushing Water. These cats seem to be very interested in Stormfur. They allow the cats to go back to their cave. In the forest the Thunderclan cats awaken to a disturbing surprise. Windclan warriors have been stealing fresh kill! Firestar is going with a troop to talk with the Windclan leader Tallstar. The six traveling cats, go into the cave where the tribe cats live. They eat and start to tell the tribe cats about their journey and believes. The tribe cats seem worried but were unable to explain why. This must have to do with the Cave Of The Pointed Stones that the tribe cats speak of. Back at the forest the Thunderclan cats meet with Windclan and make a deal saying that there will be no more stealing of food and that Thunderclan will tell Windclan anything they find out about the two leg destruction. With the tribe cats the clan cats are staying with the tribe cats until Tawnypelt's shoulder gets better. The other cats go with some tribe hunters and learn how they hunt. The traveling cats meet with the tribe cats at The Cave Of Pointed Stone. The cats tell Stormfur that he must stay to defeat a lion-like creature called sharp-tooth because Stormfur is the chosen one that will kill sharp-tooth to save the tribe. The medicine cats of the clans are meeting, with their apprentices, at mother mouth to speak with Starclan about hardships and the twoleg destruction. Leafpaw tries to make contact with Squirlepaw to find out what is going on. While doing so she makes contact with a former medicine cat named Spottedleaf, who helped her father Firestar to read his dreams before becoming the Thunder clan leader, that the journeying cats were safely on their way home and with the tribes at that time. Spottedleaf told Leafpaw that she could not make contact with Squirlepaw with the tribe cats. The tribe cats are making all of the clan cats accept for Stormfur leave and go back to the forest because it is Stormfur’s destiny to save their tribe. The clan cats leave with the escorting cave-guards and then, once the cave-guards are out of sight, leave to go back and rescue Stormfur. When they are about to enter the cave a strike of lightning flashes and they think they see the creature they call sharp-tooth in the cave! The sharp-tooth was in the cave. Many of the tribe cats were injured or killed and the animal took away the kit mother named Star. All of the clan cats go out even Stormfur. At the forest one of the Thunderclan elders eats part of a rabbit and ends up dying like the Windclan cats said that the twoleg were doing something to the rabbits so that anyone who ate one died. Also from Thunder clan the two cats, Cloudtail and Brightheart, have gone missing. The journeying cats are on their way home and stop to rest in a cave where they sense that there is another cat in with them. This cat is speaking with them. More of the cats from Thunderclan have died and they are still looking for the now 4 missing cats. In the mysterious cave the clan cats realize that these were tribe cats that had been kicked out of the tribe until they came back with the pelt of Sharp-tooth. There were 6 cats to begin but now only three still survived. One of the cats is the sweet tribe cat Brook Where Fish Swim’s brother! The clan cats are going to go back and help to destroy Sharp-tooth. The monsters have not stopped their destruction yet before leaf-bare in the Thunderclan territory. While Sorreltail and Leafpaw are out gathering herbs Sorreltail gets onto Riverclan territory and Hawkfrost catches her. Hawkfrost’s sister and the Riverclan medicine cat apprentice saved them. From things that Hawkfrost said he sounded like the dead and crazy cat Tigerstar was their father! The clan cats and the cats from the tribe make a plan to lead sharp-tooth to the cave using blood. The plan is to lead sharp-tooth to the cave and then have him eat the rabbit body that they filled with death berries which will either make him die or weak so that the cats can strike and take him down. When sharp-tooth entered the cave he swatted away the body of the rabbit and went after the cats. When all of the cats accept for Crowpaw were hiding in ledges near the ceiling Feathertail jumped onto one of the rocks hanging on the ceiling that broke under her weight. It landed on sharp-tooth and killed him. Shortly after sharp-tooth died so did Feathertail. She is now in Starclan with her mother Silverstream. Crowpaw is blaming himself for Feathertail’s death. At the forest the cats of Thunderclan are weak. Some twoleg dislocated Mistyfoot’s shoulder but Cinderpelt was able to fix it. Leafpaw is going to find out if she can figure out where the other missing cats went but while in twoleg territory she is shut in a tiny twoleg den. The 5 remaining cats from the journey have finally returned to the forest safely. But are they in time to save the clans from being destroyed by the twoleg?

I give this book five stars and I think that you should read it too.