Thursday, July 31, 2008

"The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien

Thirteen dwarves, one wizard, and one hobbit, in one BIG adventure... One fine Spring day an unexpected party of dwarves arrives on the doorstep of a homely hobbit; Bilbo Baggins. Little does this innocent hobbit know that he is about to partake in an unforgetable quest that will change his life forever. The next day they all woke up bright-eyed ad bushy-tailed ready for an early start on their adventure. On their adventure they meet many creatures; big, small, evil, pleasant etc. They make many friends and enemies along the way. When they finally reach their destination they still have to defeat the most horrid, evil, loathed creature of them all; Smaug...

Do the dwarves and Bilbo defeat the Almighty Smaug? Do they recieve the treasure they were looking for? What is going to happpen!?! Find out in "The Hobbit" the prelude to the series
"The Lord of the Rings".

I would rate this book five out of five stars. If you are a Harry Potter fan you will enjoy this series!!

"Everlost" by Neal Shusterman

Allie and Nick didn't survive in the car crash.Nick and Allie both saw the light but knocked into each other and fell off course into a place called Everlost. Soon after, Nick and Allie met a boy named Leif who they found in the woods also stuck in between life and death. Nick and Allie wanted to leave the woods and find their family to see if they survived the crash. Leif decided to also leave but was scared that they would run into the McGill, an Everlost monster.Instead of finding McGill, they found a civilization of kids under the power of Mary Hightower, an Everlost queen. Nick and Lief love Mary, but Allie does not. Allie doesn't want anyone to be the boss of her. Allie leaves Mary's kingdom and soon discovers that she has special powers that will cause her to have a run in with the powerful McGill.
I rate this fiction book 5 out of 5. I thought the author was very creative. It was amazing how she could come up with the characters and the different scenes.It felt like I was actually in the book.

"After" by Francine Prose

The book started with a shooting in Pleasant Valley which was fifty miles away from a school called Central High. Because of the shooting, Central High hired a grief and crisis counselor. Now the school had security, lockers were being checked and privileges were being taken away. The students thought this was ridiculous because the shooting wasn't near them. Now if anyone broke the rules their punishment would be worse than before. There would be new rules everyday . Too many to keep track of. Tom, the main character feels like he's in a prison. And there is no way to escape. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse students and teachers start disappearing. No one can stop it. The students aren't focusing on their school work anymore. They are focusing on not breaking any rules because if they did they would never be seen again. Many more things started happening that were even worse. The parents were hypnotized when they read their emails about the changes in the school. The kids couldn't tell their parents what was really happening. Tom tries to tell his dad what has been happening but, he doesn't believe Tom. Tom has to struggle not to break any rules because he may never be seen again.

I rate this fiction book a 5 out of 5 because the book was very suspensful and thrilling. Once I started reading I couldn't stop.

"The Creek" Jennifer L. Holm

Penny and her family moved to Mockingbird Lane. Penny heard her friends talked about a boy named Caleb who used to terrorize the town. He used to set fires hurt kids, and animals. Penny and her family weren't concerned though because he left years ago. Now Caleb's came back to harm the town more than he did before. Everyone in the town was terrified of him now because he was more dangerous than ever. All of the things that Caleb did before were happening again. When one of Penny's friend's house almost burned down, Penny starts to think that she is in danger. Penny starts to get paranoid and is to scared to leave her own home. Penny and her friends know that it was Caleb doing all of the terrible things to the town, but the police can't do anything about it because they don't have any evidence. The kids decide that if no one is going to do anything then they have to stop Caleb themselves. Except now they are in greater danger. Caleb is now after them.
I loved this fiction this book. It was a thriller. I didn't know what to expect. I had to keep reading to figure out what would happen next. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5.

"The Seance" by Joan Lowery Nixon

Lauren never really liked her adopted sister Sarah. Lauren was adopted herself butSarah was prettier than she was and got all the boys and attention. When Sarah told Lauren that she met a girl named Roberta who could talk to "spirits", Sarah got an idea that they should have a Seance with a bunch of their friends. Lauren didn't like the idea but said she would go because all her friends wanted her to be there. When it came to the night of the Seance everyone was freaked out about it and wanted to back out. They went on with it anyway thinking that nothing would go wrong. Everyone sat in a circle and Roberta started saying something under her breath. Then the light fell over and went out. Sarah screamed and said , "something is wrong here". Everyone got up and tried to look for a light switch. When they got the light on Sarah was missing. No one knew what happened to her. So the kids called the police and they came right away. He added up all the clues and told the girls to go home. A couple of days later Sarah was found dead in a pond. All the girls were getting letters that were threatening them. Soon another girl who did the seance was found dead in the same place they found Sarah. Can the rest of the girls find out answer to the mystery before it's too late?

I would rate this fiction book 5 out of 5 because it was very suspensful. I was excited to see what would happen next.

"Hostage" by Willo Davis Roberts

Kaci wanted some excitement in her life but, there would be no way she would be ready for the excitement that was about to come.
Kaci's parents didn't like the neighborhood they lived in. The parents thought it wasn't safe so they wouldn't let their kids go ride their bike or walk alone. The family decided that they were going to move to safe and expensive house all the way across town. A week after Kaci's parents accepted the offer there was a robbery across the street from their old house. The family reported the robbery to the police and said that there was a white truck in front of their neighbors drive way. Unfortunately the police didn't catch the robbers. In a couple of weeks the family moved into their new home. The home was great. The only thing that was bothering Kaci was her allergies. She tried to forget about it and left for school. Later in the day though she went to the school nurse asking if she could go home to get her allergy medicine. The nurse said it was fine so Kaci left school expecting to be back by lunch time. While walking home her nosy neighbor named Mrs. Banducci stopped her to ask why there was a huge truck in there driveway that morning. Kaci kind of ignored it and kept walking. Kaci first noticed that her door was unlocked. She also notices that there were some items that were missing from the house. That's when she noticed she wasn't along in the house. She knew she had to get out quick but, how could she when the robbers were in the same room as she was in blocking the door. Kaci would get the excitement she wanted but, she would be fighting to save her life.
This fiction book was very suspenseful and addicting . I would rate this book 5 out of 5 . Once I started the book I couldn't put it down.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist" By Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh is about a boy named Yugi in the tenth grade who solved the Millennium Puzzle. Upon doing this, another spirit entered his body. Yu-Gi-Oh, the King of Games. He is a dark avenger who challenges evildoers to "Shadow Games" of life and Death. This book picks up right after the Duelist Kingdom series. The story starts with Yugi's Grandpa Mutou sweeping outside his games shop. Yugi's friend Anzu then comes by to walk to school with Yugi. Grandpa Mutou yells this to Yugi and it shows him in his room wearing the Millennium Puzzle on a chain. Yugi's other self tells him that it looks good on him, but Yugi says it's kinda flashy. Yugi's other self then says, "It's still too subtle if you ask me! I think you need some silver chains on your arms!" Yugi yells back. "C'mon! that isn't my style at all!" Yugi then runs out to meet with Anzu. She questions him about the new chain. Yugi explains that the puzzle is an important bond between him and his other self and the chain shows that too. The two of them start walking to school. Anzu tells Yugi that she's glad to see Mr. Mutou doing so well. She says to Yugi that it was scary when Pegasus stole his soul (during the duelist kingdom series). Yugi then tells her that his Grandpa's not too happy right now. Anzu asks why, and Grandpa Mutou yells out, "I thought you'd never ask!! I, Sugoroku Mutou, at 72 years of age, am facing my biggest crisis ever! MY STORE IS IN DANGER OF GOING OUT OF BUISNESS! BEHOLD! OVER THERE!" He then pointed to a large shop called Black Crown. According to Yugi, the store sells the newest games, and it's having it's grand opening tomorrow. Grandpa Mutou says that the games at the store can't be purchased anywhere else. Curious, Yugi decides to go over to the new game shop. He sees a clown with a poster on it's back advertising the shop's new game, "D.D.M." Anzu then tells Yugi that they'll be late for school and better leave. The clown then says, "So that brat is Yugi.." "That's him all right," replied the person next to him "That baby-faced little kid is supposed to be some kind of super-gamer.." He then turned to the clown and said, "But is it true Dad..? Did you really lose a game to that guy Mutou..? "yes it's true.." replied his father, "It was because of that game that I have to wear this mask to cover my face.." "I can't forgive them." His son replied. "Ryuji...I raised you to take revenge for me!" He told his son. "I know Dad," Ryuji said, "Watch by one, I'll take away everything Yugi cares about. Get ready Yugi, I invented all kinds of games just to fight you! I will beat you! For my Father! and for the title of "King of Games!" And to start with, Today I'll steal something important to you..." This is a great fictional manga, especially if you like games. 5 of 5 stars.

Friday, July 18, 2008

"Shaman King" by Hiroyuki Takei

Shaman King is a manga about a boy named Yoh Asakura. While most people only scoff at the idea of ghosts, he befriends them. The story begins with a short kid running through town after cram school (Just a heads-up, he's not Yoh). He cuts through the cemetery when someone asks him what his hurry is. The short kid looks up to see a kid sitting on top of a gravestone looking up into the sky with a pair of headphones on. The short kid mistakes him for a ghost and runs, only to have the kid on the gravestone ask him what his hurry was again. He then says, "Stargaze with us. There's a sky full of beautiful stars. Want to look at 'em with us?" The short kid corrects him, telling him that he shouldn't use us when referring to himself. The headphone kid then gets off the gravestone, and replies, "But I mean with all of us...The Whole Cemetery!" As he says this, a huge group of ghosts surround the headphone kid. The short kid stares with wide eyes, and the headphone kid says to him, "Take it easy. These are my friends...even if they are a bunch of bums who couldn't get into heaven. The short kid then just freaks out. The next day at school, the short kid tries to tell a group of students about what he say. One of them just replies, "You're out of your [censored due to standards] mind, Manta." (Told you he wasn't Yoh.) The teacher then comes in, and announces that there's a new student. He looks just like the kid Manta saw in the cemetery. The teacher says that his name's Yoh Asakura and that he moved from Izumo all by himself for family reasons. Manta recognizes him, and tells everyone that he's the one he say in the cemetery with the ghosts. Yoh then tells him that there's no such thing as ghosts and that he's never seen him before. Manta then decides to follow him after school to get the proof he needs to expose him. He ends up spending 3 hours watching Yoh stare at a river. He then blows his cover, and ends up telling Yoh why he was following him. Yoh then asks Manta if he was following him because he denied knowing him at school. Yoh then tells him that if everyone knew his secret, they'll drive him crazy. He tells Manta that he moved here for advanced training, and that he's a Shaman. I'd have to give this series a five of five stars. Great fictional manga for you spirit seeking manga fans out there.

"The Queen of Babble Gets Hitched" by Meg Cabot

In "The Queen of Babble Gets Hitched", a woman named Lizzie Nichols becomes engaged to Luke de Villier of France. Without realizing it she falls in love with Luke's best friend Chaz, after realizing that saying "yes" to Luke's ring was a HUGE mistake she notices how deep of a hole she's dug. When Luke goes to France to for the summer Lizzie "accidently" sleeps with Chaz. Her job as a wedding gown restorer is going well until the owners decide to sell the shop... along with the apartment above it, which just so happens to be her home!!!

Will the engagement between Lizzie and Luke turn into a disaster? Will Chaz show a ring to Lizzie? Will LIzzie save her job? Find out in "The Queen of Babble Gets Hitched"by Meg Cabot.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Heart of Dorkness" By John Kovalic

Heart of Dorkness is a full collection of issues #13 - #17 of the Dork Tower comic series. It's a series about Matt, a bald, nerdy guy, Igor, a short obnoxious guy with a big nose, Carson, a muskrat who talks, and Ken, the responsible one of the group. What do all these people and the one animal have in common? They are all gamers, all geeks, all fanboys! John Kovalic does a wonderful job in portraying Dorkness in a funny and true way. This collection starts with Matt going through his mail, when he gets a letter he didn't expect. His ex-girlfriend Kayleigh is moving back into town, and she wants to get together with Matt for a drink. After a bit of drinking and talking, the two of them leave, then share a passionate kiss (causing a great disturbance in the force). Afterwards, Matt realizes that he left his sketchbook inside. As he goes inside to get it, he runs into a girl named Gilly. Afterwards the next morning, he wakes up with a bad hangover, and little memory of what happened last night. All he remembers is the he kissed Kayleigh. Igor then tells him that he really doesn't need to worry about it and that they're going to the Renaissance Fair. The story then shifts to Kayleigh who's at a cybercafe talking with a friend. He friend questions why she 's getting back together with Matt. Kayleigh says that Matt's smart, fun, funny and cute in a neurotic way, though he wastes his talent. Back at Matt's house, Igor is screaming over the fact that Matt invited Kayleigh to the Renaissance Fair. Someone rings the doorbell, Igor tells Matt that he invited a friend too. I shall leave it there, so there's more for you to read. This fictional comic book series gets a five of five stars in my opinion for the same reason Lawell Cunningham, creator, Men in Black liked it, "Through Dork Tower John manages to show the basic humanity of geeks and the basic geekness of humanity." I recommend reading this if mild language and alcohol use doesn't really get to you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Redwall" by Brian Jacques

Redwall is the first book in the Redwall Series. The adventures of a young mouse, Matthias, who has always dreamt of being a warrior of Redwall, is the inspiration of the novel. Cluny the Scourge, a character whom beings can scarcely think about with out cringing, and his horde of rats plan to take over Redwall. In a fierce battle, the two completely different brigades merge into combat. With Cluny's evil ways he steals a prized possesion from Redwall. Their hero, their inspriation, their hope. Luckily Matthias, the bravest mouse of them all, searches for the sword of Martin the Great.

This adventure is full of thrilling, dangerous, and spectacular events. "You'll get caught up in the action and become a character in the book". You are guaranteed a story you'll never forget!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Inu Yasha" By Rumiko Takahashi

This Manga series is about a modern-day girl named Kagome who lives at a Japanese shrine. She didn't believe in things like spirits, demons, or anything supernatural, until she was pulled down the shrine's well by a centipede demon into Feudal Japan. There she finds a young man bound to a tree by roots with an arrow in him who also seems to have dog ears. She is found by the local villagers, and brought back to their village. The village's priestess, Lady Kaede, then examines her, and finds that Kagome looks a lot like her dead sister Kikyo, the former priestess and protector of the village. Soon after, the centipede demon who attacked Kagome before comes back, looking for "The Jewel of Four Souls." Kagome runs into the forest, and finds the young man from before tied to the tree. The man mistakes Kagome for Kikyo, and tells her to destroy the centipede like she destroyed him. Kagome then tells the young man that she's not Kikyo, as the centipede demon continues to attack. The demon bites into Kagome, ripping out the jewel of four souls. The young man yells to Kagome to give him the jewel, but the demon wraps up Kagome to the tree with Inu Yasha and says to the young man, "Inu-Yasha who seeks the Shikon Jewel... I have heard of a half-demon by such a name... At last we meet." The demon then eats the jewel, mutating into a more powerful state. Inu Yasha then demands that Kagome pull the arrow out of him. Kagome does this, and Inu Yasha bursts out of the roots, and the grasp of the centipede, and with one strike, sends the demon bursting into many pieces. There's much more, but I'll let you read it. After all, this is just the first manga. This book I would recomend to older teens who like a lot of demon killing, and don't mind mature content. I rate this manga series a five of five stars.