Sunday, June 28, 2009

"After" by Francine Prose

The school shootings at Pleasant Valley upset many people, especially the kids who went to Central High School. It happened fifty miles away from them, and the school is taking it very seriously, like hiring a grief and crisis counselor named Dr. Willner. They think kids are so depressed that they would start a shooting at Central. All new rules are being made, and students, like Tom, feel like prisoners. There are metal detectors, backpack searches, and no wearing red. That's not all. People are getting sent away to " Rehab" camps and never being seen again. The school even e-mails the parents every night and to kids it is like their parents are brainwashed. Will everything stop, or will no one be able to stop it. Well, you will have to read After by Francine Prose.
I give this book five stars because the whole time, you hear the ridiculous rules and the nonstop need for survival in the school. It is a thriller and I recommend it to everyone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"The Bar Code Tattoo" by Suzanne Weyn

This book is about a girl named Kayla Reed. This book, takes place in the future in the year 2025. In the book Kayla and her friends are against a tattoo that "controls" everyone that gets it it makes them go into a really deep depression and they end either killing themselves or dying by an accidental mistake. The government controls everything the people do, if you have a disorder or something like that the goverment won't pay your bills. Yes, I loved this book, because it always had me on the edge of my seat and would highly recommend it for others to read. I would give this book 5 stars because it is such a suspenseful and mysterious book. This book is also a page-turner, because you just want to find out whats going to happen next. This book is also a cliff-hanger, leaving you in suspense at the end of every chapter.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Crispin And The Cross Of Lead" by Avi

We read this book (me and my class) in English class.This book took us about 12 classes maybe more.
This book is about a boy named Crispin and his struggle to survive. At the beginning of the book it tells how Crispin's mother dies and Father Quinel (the priest) helps Crispin bury her.Crispin lives in the village of Stromford along with John Aycliffe every body's worst enemy...Aycliffe trys to burn down Crispin's house because he thinks there is no use to it anymore because Asta nor her husband is alive. Aycliffe also trys to kill Crispin by claiming him as a "Wolfs Head", and telling everyone in the village that he stole money from the church (when he really didn't)! Now everyone is after him so often that he has to run away. Father Quinel trys to help him escape but he gets caught and killed now Crispin is on his own on trying to escape. Crispin comes into another village and discovers that there is only one person who is still living in the village! Sooner or Later Crispin finds out that this guys name is Oliver but he is actually called Bear because of his humongous size. Later on in the book Crispin finds out that Lord Furnival is his real father (even though his mother said that he was dead)! And after a while with bear he has learned to sing,dance,play the recorder, hunt, and plenty others...And after the long time that Crispin has been away from Stromford Aycliffe was still looking for him. Now Bear and Crispin are in Great Wexly and never guess what so is John Aycliffe, his worst enemy!!! At the end of the book Bear gets captured by Aycliffe just to get close to Crispin...until...Crispin promises to god that if Aycliffe takes him to Bear then Crispin would never admit that he was Lord Furnival's son. John made the deal and took him to Bear (who was all torn and beaten)! Anyways at the VERY VERY VERY last pages Aycliffe gets killed and Crispin keeps his promise he never revealed that he was Lord Furnival's one and only son. Bear And Crispin are now free from all the fighting!
Well that is the end and there is another book of Crispin but i am not quite sure what it is!
But in the beginning he is called Asta's son because his mothers name was Asta. This is a really interesting book and i would mark it 5 stars.