Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Such a Pretty Girl" by Laura Wiess

Much like the book "Speak" by Laurie Anderson, "Such a Pretty Girl" transports the reader to an intense atmosphere in which you can almost share the emotions of the main character. Meredith, a 15-year-old girl who lives with her mom in a condo complex, is feeling any sense of safety and security slip away as the date of her father's return approaches. Meredith's dad is soon to be released from prison, where he's been locked up for sexually molesting Meredith when she was younger. Unexpectedly released earlier than expected, Meredith's mom is anxiously waiting to welcome dear old dad back despite the fact that he is not supposed to be living under the same roof as Meredith. Knowing her father as she does, Meredith is sure that it is only a matter of time before her father molests her again. As she desperately tries to retreat behind the relative safety of questionable personal hygiene and a relationship with a boy who also was abused by her father, Meredith tries to figure out her options. Unfortunately, she feels the only permanent option is to set herself up as a victim once again to entrap her father into what would be a more permanent prison sentence. But can she bring herself to experience the horror once again to ensure her safety and the safety of others?

Warning: There is some mature content in this very gripping novel.

Rated: FIVE (Out of FIVE STARS)

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unalista said...

I have personally read "Such a Pretty Girl", and this summary captures it in its entirety. This is an excellent story about a girl's struggle and about human perserverence, and is very relevant in today's society. This is both a striking book and an excellent and creditable review.