Monday, February 11, 2008

"The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs" by Jack Gantos

Did I hear you say that a "love curse" doesn't sound all that bad? Like something that might involve lots of chocolate and flowers? Think again! The "love curse" of the Rumbaugh family is obsessive ... no, Obsessive ... wait ... REALLY OBSESSIVE maternal love. And the Rumbaugh family hobby? Weeelllllll, that would be taxidermy (the preservation of dead animals).

YOU put the two together....

The gruesome sum is the basis for this quietly horrifying novel that follows the story of Ivy Spirco, a girl who grows up in a small town in Pennsylvania with nary a worry. After all, when a girl loves her mother the way Ivy does, whose got room for any worries? Well, except for the one nagging thought she has about the inevitable day her mother will die....

This novel starts out very quietly and unassumingly, until you realize you can't help developing goosebumps that get bigger with every chapter (or maybe it's that funny feeling you get in the back of your throat when you come across something very gruesome) . You can almost feel empathetic with Ivy and her solution to the Love Curse.

If you are the type that is disgusted by anything freaky, steer clear of this book.

If you are the type to like a lot of freakishness and bizareness with your horror, this is the book for you - FOUR and a HALF out of FIVE stars. And maybe get a blood test for any weird strain of love curses that may be flowing through your veins!

(Oh, I strongly suggest this for more mature readers.)

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MajoraMan said...

This seems like a good book.