Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Shakespeare's Secret," by Elise Broach

Hero and her family move to a city outside of Washington. Their house has an interesting story behind it. A robbery, without an explanation had occurred there, and a piece of jewelry is involved. Hero's neighbor had been a prime suspect into the case. She had been the first wife of the man that owned Hero's house. Unfortunately she wanted to solve the case, but had had only one clue, which was a quote for one of Shakespeare's plays. Hero, and a friend go on a perilous adventure to solve the mystery of the missing diamond. Will Hero and her friend find the diamond? Is there a connection to her friend and the neighbor? Read this adventure fiction book to find out if the diamond is found, and what relationship there is between the neighbor and friend.

Rated Five out of Five stars.


sonicbody89 said...

nice summary. Because of it i will now try to get that book and read.

HPfan01 said...

I read this book in the 5th grade!!It was a really great book!! I think that you hit the review perfectly.