Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Buddha Boy" By Kathe Koja

This book focuses on a boy named Justin as he gets to know a boy called Jinsen, or as he is labeled by the others at school, "Buddha Boy." He wears over sized tie-dyed T-shirts with dragons on them, his head is shaven, he is always smiling, and is considered a freak. He also begs for change at lunch like a monk, and doesn't let things get to him. Normally, Justin would just avoid a person like Jinsen, but they are teamed up for a class project. At first, Justin just wants is to be over quickly, so he doesn't have to be around this strange kid. But Justin then learns of Jinsen's amazing talent in art, and then he starts to like him. However, none of the kids at school seem to feel the same, especially McManus, the school's social leader. I enjoyed reading this book, it helped me understand a little more about Buddhism, art, understanding, and Karma. I also enjoyed how the words were used together, making this book not only a story, but a work of art. I would recommend this book to anyone age 13 or over (due to language). I give this wondrous fantasy a five of five stars.


The Librarian said...

Terrific job, as usual...! This book got some great reviews, but i never got around to reading it. Your review makes me want to look it up.

Sukeroku said...

Great! This is also my 5th book this summer, so I completed the book challenge!