Thursday, January 22, 2009

"The Royal Diaries: Isabel, Jewel Of Castilla" by Carolyn Meyer

Isabel is the princess of Castilla. Her elder brother Enrique is the king. He banished her and her younger brother Alfonso to Segovia to be cared for by his queen Juana and her daughter princess Juana, princes of Asturias. Alfonso left and become a king against Enrique to defeat him and become the king of Castilla. Enrique is in court in Madrid. Enrique wishes that Isabel marries queen Juana’s elder brother who she calls El Escorpión, meaning scorpion. A letter from Enrique said that Isabel would not marry king Afonso , El Escorpión. She will marry Pedro Giŕon. The wedding is to be in one week and Isabel is to go to Madrid immediately. Pedro Giŕon is even more old and ugly compared to king Afonso. Giŕon has still not arrived in Madrid. Isabel will not eat until the wedding is canceled. A messenger said that Giŕon saw what he and his men thought an ill omen. Only hours after Giŕon fell queasy and died. Isabel felt ill. She had chills and a fever. The physician diagnosed her with ague. Isabel is visiting her mother and Alfonso just arrived. Alfonso has left to go to Toledo. BeatrÍz is expecting a child in spring. She had her child a baby boy and named him Rodrigo. His godmother is Isabel. Alfonso and Catalina both died. Isabel is to meet with Enrique. Enrique swore Isabel as his heir and then broke all of his promises. She has made a plan to make it so that she will not marry king Afonso. While Enrique is gone Isabel is leaving and has made marriage plans without Enrique’s OK. She will marry Fernando. They had 5 children named Isabel, Juan, Catalina, Maria and Juana. The only lucky of her children was Maria. Isabel died in child birth, Juan died at 19 Juana went mad Catalina married Henry VIII. Isabel died at the age of 53 just 9 years before Fernando.

I would give this book five stars and think that you should read it too.

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The Librarian said...

Good review, crazyreder! Isabel became famous for sponsoring Columbus's famous journey, and infamous for sponsoring the Inquisition and its murderous campaigns.