Monday, June 21, 2010

"Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer

The Fowls have always been using some sort of dastardly tricks in order to gain money. Artemis Fowl the second is no exception. After his father died, or went missing as Artemis believes, Artemis's mother went a little looney. As in, she sees and hears things that aren't there and replays moments of when her husband was alive. Artemis didn't exactly believe in fairies or any of that for a while, but something got him thinking. Pots of gold. He decided to test his theory, knowing that goblins and trolls were real. He finally landed something. He and his butler, Butler, went out to find such a fairy that would give him the money that he wanted. This turned out to be a success. Holly Short, a LEPrecon officer, went out to regain her fairy powers from not doing so in a long time. She found a nice desolate spot and, before she knew it, she was Artemis's captive. After being sedated and detained in the Fowl manor the other fairies found out, especially her commanding officer, Root, who was not happy whatsoever. In a chat with Commander Root, Artemis said if he got the gold he wanted he would let Holly go free. Root accepted, but one of the other fairies almost ruined his plan. Almost. Holly still lived and Artemis was still alive, along with his butler, and they got the gold they wanted. Holly didn't want Artemis hurt so she tried to talk him out of taking the gold, fairies would do anything for their gold. Artemis finally let Holly go free, along with half the gold he got from the delivery. The fairies decided to kill everyone inside the manor so they could get back their gold and make sure that someone as dangerous as Artemis Fowl would never do that kind of thing to the fairies ever again. But Artemis found a way to live, he drugged himself, his butler, and his butler's sister so they would sleep, that way the "blue rinse" would not kill them. The fairies were amazed. Artemis was relieved.

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