Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Break into the Game Industry" By Ernest Adams

If you are interested in getting a career as a video game tester, designer, or any job pertaining to the video game industry, this book is for you. It doesn't teach you the skills needed to be one of these people, but it does teach you important information about getting a job in the video game industry. It will teach you about making a resume, the time it takes to make video games, and add in stories and comments from actual people in the game industry. This book also reveals some of the history of video games, like the video game crash caused by atari in 1983, (although the full effects were in 1983) to nowadays video game history. This book was one I enjoyed because of it's informative writing style and straight forward, and easy-to-read text. I rate this book a five of five stars to those who aspire to work with video games!


The Librarian said...

I remember playing one of the first "big" video games about twenty years ago. I even remember the first Ping Pong-type game that came out and everyone thought it was such a big thing! ...those games are so crude compared to what's out now!

Game Designer said...

I know! I plan on creating games that will go into video game history! This book was the first step on my path.