Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"What Happened to Cass McBride?" by Gail Giles

Can you imagine waking up from a deep sleep to discover that when you open your eyes, all you see is ... nothing? and when you stretch your elbows and legs they quickly bump into a rough wooden surface? and then, in a panic, you attempt to raise your head only to have it hit a ceiling that is about three inches above your face? and that awful nightmarish moment when you realize that you have been buried alive?

In the suspense novel "What Happened to Cass McBride?", Cass faces one of the most common, basic - and terrifying - human fears, that of being buried alive. She soon discovers, via a small air tube that connects her to the surface, that her prison has been devised by Kyle, who holds Cass responsible for the recent suicide of his younger brother. After kidnapping and burying her, Kyle plans to further torment Cass to fully exact his revenge. The psychological drama deepens when Cass realizes her ability to survive depends on her being able to sell Kyle on her innocence. Suspense builds as the story interweaves with the ongoing, and seemingly ineffective, police investigation.

This page-turner, because of some language and content (you will not quickly forget the content of David's suicide note, nor the manner in which he left it), is best read by mature middle- and high-school teens.

FOUR out of FIVE stars!


SnowPrincess13 said...

Why is it that you rate the book only 4 stars? Was there a part in the book that was a real bore?

The Librarian said...

Probably because I didn't personally identify with any of the characters! (Cass was kind of manipulative and Kyle was, well, a PSYCHO!) Also, because the chapters switched voices among Kyle, Cass, and the detectives, I was sometimes confused about who was talking to whom.