Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Kicked Out" by Beth Goobie

Kicked Out by Beth Goobie is about Dime, 15, going through a rough time with her parents so she moves in with her paralyzed brother, Darren. Her parents had a problem with everything that Dime did just because she wasn't the way they wanted her to be. She was the kind of girl who hangs out with 17 year old guys and dresses differently then most girls in highschool. Her parents make her curfew at nine o'clock. Her and her parents got into a fight one night because she was late and they told her that it's their house and their rules, and you'll obey them... and that's when she said make me. Everything changed in that moment. She was going through a hard time in her life. Nothing was going right. The boy she liked kept playing games with her head. He'd like her one day then the next him and his ex were back together. Will things get better for her? Will she get the boy to understand how much she really likes him? And will she move back in with her parents? I rate this book a three out of five.


The Librarian said...

You left a good cliffhanger when you said "Everything changed in that moment." Makes me want to read this book to find out what changed!

Anonymous said...

i tink your right The Librerian that was a good clifhanger!! makes me wanna read the book to