Sunday, April 20, 2008

" The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart

"Are you a Gifted Child looking for special opportunities?"

When this ad appears in the newspaper, many kids enroll to take the many mind-bending tests. However only 4 children are chosen. Reynie, Sticky,Kate and Constance are told to go on a secret mission that only intelligent and resourceful children will be able to complete. To suceed at this mission, they have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened. As they face both physical and mental challenges, their only option is to turn to each other for support. With their new friendship at stake, will they be able to pass the most important test of all?

This book has got to be one of the greatest books ever written. The reader is able to help solve the many riddles that the Mysterious Benedict Society solve. This book is exciting and was very hard to stop reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read puzzle books that force you to use your brain to solve the riddle. In my opinion, this book deserves a 5 out of 5 and is a must read for anyone.


The Librarian said...

My favorite part of this-most-excellent book were the clever tests they used to find the "special' children needed for the assignment! (This was also a well-written book review. Keep 'em coming, Snow Princess!

SnowPrincess13 said...

Yeah I liked that part too. I think my most favorite part was the ending. That was a great ending for this novel and probably a ready good place to pick up from in the sequel!!!

(By the way, for anyone who wants to read the sequel,It's called the Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey.)

I hope the sequel is as good as the first one was!!!

michelle500 said...

this book was awsome if i were the author of this review i'd rate it a 10 out of 10! you should read this book!

Game Designer said...

I've heard about this book but never tried to find it. Sounds good...I think I'll get it.

SnowPrincess13 said...

If you like this book, then read the sequel..."The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey"