Monday, September 7, 2009

"Living Dead Girl" by Elizabeth Scott

This book should be issued with a first aid kit of upset-stomach relief, tissues, and heart medication, as the reader is immediately plunged, along with the main character Alice, into her nightmare world spent as the kidnap victim of her captor Ray. Since she was snatched at the age of ten, Alice is forced to spend her days as the victim of mental, physical, and sexual abuse by the monster who controls every aspect of her life. Now that she is fifteen, Alice comes to realize that Ray is planning to supplement his "family", and Alice must join him in his plans to find the right girl.

Reminiscent of "Such a Pretty Girl" by Laura Weiss, this book, although gripping and unforgettable, pushes the boundaries of content for young adult fiction. The descriptions of the abuses suffered by Alice, although not explicit, leave no doubt to the horrors the character is experiencing. I often had to just put the book down to escape the revulsion felt by the powerful and gripping story. The ending is unforgettable.

For mature readers only, I'd rate this FIVE out of FIVE stars. If you have any doubts about your maturity level (and I'm not talking about your reading level), please wait to read this novel.

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