Monday, September 7, 2009

"Sister Wife" by Shelley Hrdlitschka

Born in raised within the strict precepts of a religious movement in the isolated community of Unity, Celeste has been rasied with the idea that polygamy, and complete and total obedience to the man of the family, is the only way a woman will be allowed into heaven. As she approaches her own assignment as wife to an older man, Celeste, at the age of fifteen, is struggling to accept her destiny. Her questioning attitude becomes a problem to the community when she is seen breaking a taboo by becoming close to Jon, another teenager who has his own doubts about a future in Unity. An arranged marriage is quickly scheduled, and Celeste must quickly act to decide her future.

Although life in polygamous communities might seem like a bizarre twist of religious convention to most freedom-loving readers of our culture, Hrdlitschka skirts any question of the legitimacy of these sects by examining the community of Unity from several different viewpoints, including those of a outsider who found security in the community, and Celeste's sister who is fully committed to the life. The reader is left to fully understand Celeste's decisions and motivations. This compelling study of people whose individualities are never allowed to develop is a page-turner!

Rated FIVe out of FIVE stars.

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