Friday, November 20, 2009

"Holes" by Louis Sachar

A boy named Stanley yelnats got acused of stealing Micheal Jordan shoes from a charity fund. He went to court but the judge gave him two choices either go to jail for 10 years or go to camp for 10 years and Stanley said "Well i have never gone to camp before". So judge said "Than it is settled then you will go to camp for 10 years. The day Stanley went to camp it was a very hot day and the chains on his hands and feet were so tight that it made them sweat. The bus driver said " Here we are at the camp have fun". Stanley walked off the bus and looked all over the place and could not see any place in mile the only thing he could see was the camp he was going to. He went into the registration office and was in reliefe because it was so hot outside that when he walked into the office it had air condioning. After they were all done registraion they went out side and then the man said to Stanley " If you run no one will stop you there is nothing within miles from here". Then the man took Stanley to his tent and intidused him to all of his room mates.


The Librarian said...

Welcome aboard, katylady! This book is terrific; add a comment and tell us why you liked it!

katylady said...

it is just a really good book it is so good i didn't put it down for one hole day and night