Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Rave Master" by Hiro Mashima

Rave Master is a very unique manga series.
It starts out with a boy named Haru Glory that lives in a place called garbage island fishing then reels in a weird dog like creature, then later goes to a restaurant and is mocked for having a weird creature then he meets an old man named Shiba that tells Haru the weird creature is named Plue and is the protector of a stone named Rave then Haru finds out he's the new heir of Rave and that he must destroy the Dark Bring which is a stone that can only be destroyed by Rave and that an organization called Demon Card uses it as a weapon of destruction also both the Dark Bring and Rave posses magical powers then battles someone from Demon Card and then during the battle Haru uses the power of Rave to win then he returns home and is harassed by Demon Card again but this time they destroyed the island then Haru finally defeated the Demon Card group on the island and they fled from the island but they broke Haru's sword so he must go to sea so he can reach the song continent to get his sword repaired by the legendary blacksmith Musica but his sister doesn't want him to go but Haru convinces his sister that its for the best then Haru sets sail for the song continent then after that the story is pretty straightforward defeat Demon Card, make new friends and protect Rave i would strongly recommend this for Manga fans that love action adventure and funny shenanigans hope I you decide whether or not to read this book series.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


The Librarian said...

This manga series has a LOT of fans!

blue said...

i know its my favorite :)