Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Redwall" by Brian Jacques

Redwall is the first book in the Redwall Series. The adventures of a young mouse, Matthias, who has always dreamt of being a warrior of Redwall, is the inspiration of the novel. Cluny the Scourge, a character whom beings can scarcely think about with out cringing, and his horde of rats plan to take over Redwall. In a fierce battle, the two completely different brigades merge into combat. With Cluny's evil ways he steals a prized possesion from Redwall. Their hero, their inspriation, their hope. Luckily Matthias, the bravest mouse of them all, searches for the sword of Martin the Great.

This adventure is full of thrilling, dangerous, and spectacular events. "You'll get caught up in the action and become a character in the book". You are guaranteed a story you'll never forget!

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The Librarian said...

Welcome aboard, HPfan01! Thanks for reviewing "Redwall" - I've been trying to get all the "Warriors" fans to try reading the Redwall series. Have you read any others in the series? (I think we have them all in The Library.)

How many stars would you rate this book?