Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist" By Kazuki Takahashi

Yu-Gi-Oh is about a boy named Yugi in the tenth grade who solved the Millennium Puzzle. Upon doing this, another spirit entered his body. Yu-Gi-Oh, the King of Games. He is a dark avenger who challenges evildoers to "Shadow Games" of life and Death. This book picks up right after the Duelist Kingdom series. The story starts with Yugi's Grandpa Mutou sweeping outside his games shop. Yugi's friend Anzu then comes by to walk to school with Yugi. Grandpa Mutou yells this to Yugi and it shows him in his room wearing the Millennium Puzzle on a chain. Yugi's other self tells him that it looks good on him, but Yugi says it's kinda flashy. Yugi's other self then says, "It's still too subtle if you ask me! I think you need some silver chains on your arms!" Yugi yells back. "C'mon! that isn't my style at all!" Yugi then runs out to meet with Anzu. She questions him about the new chain. Yugi explains that the puzzle is an important bond between him and his other self and the chain shows that too. The two of them start walking to school. Anzu tells Yugi that she's glad to see Mr. Mutou doing so well. She says to Yugi that it was scary when Pegasus stole his soul (during the duelist kingdom series). Yugi then tells her that his Grandpa's not too happy right now. Anzu asks why, and Grandpa Mutou yells out, "I thought you'd never ask!! I, Sugoroku Mutou, at 72 years of age, am facing my biggest crisis ever! MY STORE IS IN DANGER OF GOING OUT OF BUISNESS! BEHOLD! OVER THERE!" He then pointed to a large shop called Black Crown. According to Yugi, the store sells the newest games, and it's having it's grand opening tomorrow. Grandpa Mutou says that the games at the store can't be purchased anywhere else. Curious, Yugi decides to go over to the new game shop. He sees a clown with a poster on it's back advertising the shop's new game, "D.D.M." Anzu then tells Yugi that they'll be late for school and better leave. The clown then says, "So that brat is Yugi.." "That's him all right," replied the person next to him "That baby-faced little kid is supposed to be some kind of super-gamer.." He then turned to the clown and said, "But is it true Dad..? Did you really lose a game to that guy Mutou..? "yes it's true.." replied his father, "It was because of that game that I have to wear this mask to cover my face.." "I can't forgive them." His son replied. "Ryuji...I raised you to take revenge for me!" He told his son. "I know Dad," Ryuji said, "Watch me...one by one, I'll take away everything Yugi cares about. Get ready Yugi, I invented all kinds of games just to fight you! I will beat you! For my Father! and for the title of "King of Games!" And to start with, Today I'll steal something important to you..." This is a great fictional manga, especially if you like games. 5 of 5 stars.

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