Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Heart of Dorkness" By John Kovalic

Heart of Dorkness is a full collection of issues #13 - #17 of the Dork Tower comic series. It's a series about Matt, a bald, nerdy guy, Igor, a short obnoxious guy with a big nose, Carson, a muskrat who talks, and Ken, the responsible one of the group. What do all these people and the one animal have in common? They are all gamers, all geeks, all fanboys! John Kovalic does a wonderful job in portraying Dorkness in a funny and true way. This collection starts with Matt going through his mail, when he gets a letter he didn't expect. His ex-girlfriend Kayleigh is moving back into town, and she wants to get together with Matt for a drink. After a bit of drinking and talking, the two of them leave, then share a passionate kiss (causing a great disturbance in the force). Afterwards, Matt realizes that he left his sketchbook inside. As he goes inside to get it, he runs into a girl named Gilly. Afterwards the next morning, he wakes up with a bad hangover, and little memory of what happened last night. All he remembers is the he kissed Kayleigh. Igor then tells him that he really doesn't need to worry about it and that they're going to the Renaissance Fair. The story then shifts to Kayleigh who's at a cybercafe talking with a friend. He friend questions why she 's getting back together with Matt. Kayleigh says that Matt's smart, fun, funny and cute in a neurotic way, though he wastes his talent. Back at Matt's house, Igor is screaming over the fact that Matt invited Kayleigh to the Renaissance Fair. Someone rings the doorbell, Igor tells Matt that he invited a friend too. I shall leave it there, so there's more for you to read. This fictional comic book series gets a five of five stars in my opinion for the same reason Lawell Cunningham, creator, Men in Black liked it, "Through Dork Tower John manages to show the basic humanity of geeks and the basic geekness of humanity." I recommend reading this if mild language and alcohol use doesn't really get to you.

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