Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Catherine: The Great Journey" by Kristiana Gregory

This book is about a young princess named Sophie. She receives a letter from the empress of Russia to come and be the grand duchess, marry the duke Peter and rule all of Russia after her. Sophie's name is changed to Catherine and she has to change her religion an d language to Impress the empress in order to keep her duty and rule Russia after empress Elizabeth. when the grand duke peter gets sick Catherine is afraid that measles and other dangerous and killing sicknesses will make have to leave Russia after the grand duke dies. luckily the grand duke survives but will be able to cover up the scars from his sickness to show his face in public, or even in front of Catherine ever again?

I give this book five stars and think that you should read it to.

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The Librarian said...

Don't you love a good story about a famous person's life? Catherine of Russia turned out to be a strong (and infamous) leader of Russia. Fascinating! And crazyreder, you can now easily find all your reviews by going to the Reviewers section under Labels, and clicking on your name!