Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs" by Kelly Klober

This book is awesome!! It will teach you anything you want to know about pigs. It will tell you about basic care and emergency care. It will help you if you want to go to the breeding business. That or maybe you just think there just soooo cute. I would really recommend this book if you just want to get a pig because they look cute. I believe this because most problems happen to a pig when the owner does this. I had to reed the book to be able to get a pig and I got one. I wanted to breed them so I read the book and it had everything about that in there. If you the not afraid of blood type the book teaches you to how to butcher as well. This book is great for a helping expert hog raiser. That means that a novice at hogs would exceed above and beyond expectations. It also shows how to make pens, homes, food and containers. This book gots it all! Including how to take care of them if they have a major medical attention what to do. All the steps in breeding is in this bookbecuase you cant just put two pigs together and breed. You have to know the steps that of which are in the greatest book of all time. This one. Have fun!


The Librarian said...

Welcome aboard, Farmer! Your review is well done, and is about a refreshingly different subject matter than what we usually have! Your love of the subject really shines through your words. Keep 'em coming! (And note you can keep track of all your reviews by clicking on your screen name in the Reviewers section under Labels at right.)

The Librarian said...

Oh, I forgot to add - I hope you get your pig!

Awsomness said...

"the farmer" is an awsome name and I love the pig book too!!! It has everything you need to know about pigs. Ive already read it but, i will have my friend look into it, she is crazy about pigs. well, just keep them coming!!!