Saturday, November 22, 2008

"The New Prophecy, Warriors: Midnight" by Erin Hunter

In the forest there are clans of cats. These clans are united by their ancestors of Starclan. One cat from each of the clans has a dream that they think is from the star clan that leads them to a place in the forest called Fourtrees. From the wind clan the young Crowpaw is chosen, from the river clan the warrior Feathertail is chosen and brings the warrior Stormfur along, from the shadow clan Tawnypelt is chosen and from thunder clan Brambleclaw is chosen and brings along the apprentice Squirlepaw along. All of the chosen cats have a dream and then decide that they will leave and go to a place they are not sure of that is far out of the forest. They are calling this place the sun drown place because when Brambleclaw has another dream he sees a river which he falls into. It is very salty water and just before he wakes up tasting salt he almost drowns and falls into a placed with spikes coming up out of the ground and that is where the sun is setting looking as though it was eating the sun. As they are on their way more of the cats have the salt water dream. Eventually all of the chosen cats have the dream. The dream seems to be a sign that they are going in the correct direction. They meet an old tabby tom and call him Purdy. He says that he knows where the sun drown place is and the clan cats follow him. Some of the cats starts to decide that they do not want to follow him because they are not going in the correct direction because the sun is setting in the opposite direction that they are heading. When they are passing through a two leg place and meet up with a bunch of rats they fight. They fight them off but Brambleclaw is afraid of his sister Tawnypelt being OK because of one of her wounds.
At the next ceremony at Fourtrees all of the clans are wondering where these six cats have gone. Squirlpaw’s sister Leafpaw is the only one that knows about where they have gone but promised not to tell. She wants to tell her father, Firestar, the thunder clan leader where his daughter and the thunder clan warrior Brambleclaw have disappeared to. After the ceremony Cinderpelt, the thunder clan medicine cat and Leafpaw’s mentor, asks Leafpaw if she knows anything about where Squirlpaw was. Leafpaw tells Cinderpelt than all she knows is that Squirlpaw was far away with the cats from the other clans and that they were OK but did not know where they were or what they were doing. Cinderpelt told her to tell her father, Firestar, so that he would be at least a little bit less worried.
When she gets back from the ceremony she asks Cinderpelt if she can have some burdock roots because she thought that her sister might be helped by it as Leafpaw was given dreams showing the cats being all right and what not as if the sisters were given visions of what each other were doing from their ancestors in star clan.
When the 4 chosen cats and the 2 cats who followed along got to another forest with the help from an old tabby tom’s guidance. While they are hunting Squirlepaw realizes that burdock root is they cure for rat bits. They message from her sister worked!! This forest was very near to the sun drown place. When they got to the place they tasted the air and tasted, a badger!
This badger could talk heir language!! She was midnight. They had not come here waiting until for a time to speak with Starclan. They had come to speak to a badger who had traveled far and had talked to many different animals. She was able to talk to their ancestors in Starclan. She told the cats that there was danger coming to the forest and they needed to get all of the clans to work together and get out of the forest as soon as they could. The two legs were making a new thunder path right in their forest! They must get their clans out fast. Will they get out before they are destroyed by the two legs?
I give this book five stars and think that you should read it too.


The Librarian said...

Let me guess...might you, by any chance, be a "Warriors" fan? :) There should be a name for all you: "Warrior Women"? ... "Feline Fantasy Fanatics"? "Warrireaders" ? Keep up the good work, and the good reading!

Cinderpelt said...

I LOVE warriors books!!!!!!! =) i once stayed up at 1:33A.M. reading the Eclipse Warriors book! im SO SAD that im almost DONE with ALL the books!!!!:**( any way good job!