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"Cats Of The Clan: Warriors" by Erin Hunter

Each of the clans has special warriors along with medicine cats, deputies and leaders. In this book you can find out about theses cats and the clans.
ThunderClan is the only of the clans who uses the technique called the hunters crouch and they are the cats who made up this technique. These cats have always had border problems. In the original forest they fought over Sunning Rocks and now at the lake with ShadowClan over the hunting grounds between their clans main territories. Firestar is a clan leader who was once a kittypet named Rusty. He is probably the best non-clan born cat of them all. He was thought to fulfill the prophecy that fire would save ThunderClan. StarClan gave him dreams of all sorts of things such as Tigerstar’s treacheries. He was one of the few cats who helped bring back WindClan after ShadowClan ran them out of the forest when he was a new warrior. Bluestar was the cat who gave up her kits to become deputy and save her clan from Thistelclaw, the cat who would have been deputy, and was even the mother of half clan kits with a father in Riverclan. Two of her kits grew up to be strong warriors of RiverClan but the smallest of the kits ,Mosskit, died on the RiverClan border. Bluestar is the cat who trained the kittypet who became Firestar and believed in him. She gave up her 9th leader life to save her clan from the dogs whom were brought in by Tigerstar and was found dead on the RiverClan/ThunderClan border probably going to say goodbye to her mate and kits. Graystripe is a loyal deputy of ThunderClan and Firestar's best friend. He was the cat who went with Firestar to save WindClan. He also had halfclan kits and fathered Silverstream’s RiverClan kits. He relized that his duities to his own clan and not to his kits clan and stayed with ThunderClan instead of with his mate in RiverClan. Millie is a kittypet who meet Graystripe after he was taken away from the clans just before they were forced to leave. She encouraged him to go and find his clan at the lake and got him back. Sandstorm is Firestar’s loyal mate. She is fair minded and a good warrior and very determined. She is a great mother to her kits Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Yellowfang was a very stuburn and cranky cat but very determined and loyal to her clan. She started out a ShadowClan cat and changed to be a ThunderClan cat. Cinderpelt was a warrior who was hit by a monster and given another chance at survivel. StarClan gave her a dream telling her she would be the new medicine cat but they told her when and how she would die. She keept this secret from her apprentice Leafpool and acted like she new nothing. She was a great medicin cat but was not givin the signs from starclan as clearly as the other medicin cats. She was a very kind and loyal warrior and medicine cat. Leafpool and squrrielflight are Firestar and sandstorm’s kits. At birth they were givin a special bond. Leafpool could see things from the time she was still a small kit. She knew when almost everything was going to happen. One of the only things she did not see coming was seeing herself fall inlove with the windclan warrior Crowfeather. She was ment to be the medicin cat and even when Cinderpelt know she was going to die she let Leafpool findout for heself that she belonged in the clan because she knew she would figure it out. When Squirrelflight, a stong minded and bold warrior, went along with the cat warrior from her clan that was chosen to go to the sun drown place she went even if she was not chosen and that shows how strong minded she is. She has the courage and determination of her parents. She was the right match for Brambleclaw because they were equally “filled with fire”. She is a great mother to her 3 kits. Brambleclaw is a brave and loyal warrior who is determined and was the first cat to get a sign for going to the sun-drown-place and probably even better than Firestar because of their personalities. He was even loyal evought to help and go back through the trek to save the clans. Ashfur is a strong and brave warrior who was in love with Squirrelflight. Some cats say he is too quick to argue and he dislikes that Brambleclaw “took away” squrrielflight from him. Brightheat is a good warrior but because of scars from battels kits and even warriors are afraid. Cloudtail is Firestar’s sister princesses kit and was brought to thunderclan and givin a chance as a warrior. Brightheart does not belive in starclan but does belive to save the clan. Jawpaw hollypaw and lionpaw are Brambleclaw and squrrielflight’s kits. Jaypaw is is the blind medicine cat who sees through his dreams and knows all of the herbs by heart. Hollypaw is the thinker who is cunning and sensitive and always aware of consicensis. Lionpaw is the hunter nd fighter and brave as Tigerstar as well as being strong and skillful.
Shadowclan is a clan that hunts at night mostly because of their surroundings. They are the most of the cause for bloodshed and enemy of every clan even starclan. Tigerstar is a cat who some cats wonder if he was a Shadowclan or thunderclan cat. The only cat in all of Shadowclan who gets dreams from him is his daughter Tawnypelt who wont listen to anything he telles her. He was the braves warrior in the forest and took any chance to kill. And even stared Bloodclan wich died along with him. Brokenstar was the son of a medicincat and leader who killed his father not knowning that he was his father. He was the cat how drove windclan out of the forest and became a prisionor of thunderclan how was forced to eat deathberries by his own mother when he returned to Shadowclan. Blackstar has pride in his clan and wanted to make his clan take over all of the clan both at the forest and at the lake. Tawnypelt was givin dreams from her father Tigerstar but refused them because she want loyalty and peace and is loyal to thunderclan even while remembering her kinship with the thunderclan warrior Brambleclaw, her brother.
Boulder was raised in Bloodclan and left when a forest cat told him about the life of a forest cat. He he led Tigerstar to them because he wanted to prove he was loyal and to impress Tigerstar. Littlecloud tried to save kits and warriors even from otherclans but had to remember that even as a medicinecat you had to respect your own clan first. Runningnose is littleclouds apprentice who admired Cinderpelt who saved him when the great sickness came over Shadowclan. Windclan is a clan that wont give up. They are quickly starteled and fircly protective. These cats have speed and sense of danger. Tallstar defended bordeder and allianes defeated any harm to the cats in his clan. Sosme think he is too willing to make friends with other clans. He gave up his life after the jurny knowing that the cats were safly in their new home and made onewisker the new deputy just before he died so that he would be made leader.
Onestar is good friends with firestar and have been scence they were young. They have to stop being such good friends and not allow any friendly patrols of border crossing that are not nessasary just for a friendly chat.
Mudclaw was an ambishious cat but would surrender his life for his clan wich he did when a tree feel on him and killed him during the attack. This tree created the brige from the clans to the island where they have the gatherings at lake.
Crowfeather is a brave cat. He was the only of the 6 cats who went on the journey to the sun-drown-place who was an apprentice at the time and did not have an old friend on the journey either. He loved feathertail and had to watch her die to save the clan and the tribe cats. He then loved leafpool who he had to let go back to thunderclan to be there medicin cat when the badgers attacked and killed cinderpelt.
Nightcloud is crowfeathers mate. She is short tempered and to quick to act for her son breezepaw according to some cats.
Breezepaw shares nightclouds arrogance and is a fierce and brave and loyal warrior. He grew up hearing stories of how his father was disrespectful to his clan but he disagreed and would not let himself be thought of like that too.
Heatherpaw was a cat who was determined to meet with her thunderlan friend lionpaw so she did so by going to a forest of dunels deep under the earth. RiverClan is the only clan who can catch fish and they will not share their pray. They are in the best shape over the winter because they can still catch fish while the others have to search for food. They may not let you have something of theirs but if they need something they will gladly take it like when the river at the forest was poisoned and they were giving food by another clan they took it and never gave anything in return.
Crookedstar was the leader of RiverClan when Firestar first came to the forest. When he was a kit Crookedstar was playing on the sunning rocks, which riverclan had power of then, and fell and brook his jaw, giving him his name for his crooked jaw. When a patrol found mistyfoot and stonefur and newborn kits he knew by their sent that they were the kits of the thunderclan leader bluestar and took them in as riverclan kits. He was not happy when graystrip of thunderclan brought his two kits feathertail and stormfur to riverclan. Their mother had been Silverstream, crookedstars only daughter. Crookedstar was cunning, confident and farsighted when dealing with his clan. This made him one of the strongest leaders the clans have ever seen.
Leopardstar was crookedstars deputy. She is a proud and ambitious cat. When tigerstar offered to make one big clan of only pure forest-blood cats leopardstar agreed. Tigerstar made the clan and named it tigerclan and also made himself leader of it. On the eve of the bloodclan attack leopardstar ended up with the side of firestar and was on the winning team against tigerstar and bloodclan. Now she does not trust her own judgments and seems hostile and defensive against her clan because she is afraid of make the same mistake all over again.
Graypool was the oldest queen at the time that mistyfoot and stonefur were born and brought into the riverclan camp. She raised them as her own when they were really bluestar and oakhearts kits. She got away with this without them asking because she raised them their whole life and they had almost the same fur color so they thought that she was their real mother at least until bluestar finaly admitted that they were her kits.
Mistyfoot was appointed riverclan deputy and mentored stormfur and feathertail. she fleed to thunderclan when the attack f bloodclan was happening and returned afterwards.
Stonefur was captured and killed by darkstrip and blackfoot under the commands of tigerstar.
Silverstream was crookedstars only daughter and fell in love with the thunderclan cat graystripe. She bleed to death and sunning rocks giving birth to graystrips kits. She will always be remembered in rierclan.
Feathertail was born in thunderclan and reaised in Riverclan. She was saved by Firestar Graystripe and revenpaw when they were inprisined with her mentor stonefur to watch stonefur be killed. They joined Mistyfoot in thunderclan and returned with her to Riverclan after the Bloodclan war. She gave up her life in the tribe cave on the sun-drown-place adventure to save the tribe and clan cats form the mountain lion they call Sharptooth.
Stormfur went with his sister Feathertail to the sun-drown-polace and had to watch her give up her life and then on the second trip when they went to the lake he stayed in the tribe with the tribe cat Brook. They were driven out of the tribe and then kicked out of Riverclan forced to go to thunderclan and then were called back to the tribe again.
Hawkfrost follows after his father Tigerstar and is the son of the rouge she cat Sasha who came to get him and his sister when they were driven out of the forest but he was too used to the clan and wanted to take over the clan and then the forest. He was killed by his half brother Brambleclaw and the prophecy that there would be no peace until blood spilled blood and the lake ran red came true.
Mothwing was made medicin cat because her brother Hawkfrost put a moths wing infront of the medicin cat den to make her medicin cat to help him. She knows her medicin but does not belive in starclan so she in givin messages from her friend Leafpool.
Willowpaw is mathwings apprentice who had an intrest in being a medicincat sense she was a a kit. She was givin dreams as lesons for visions from starclan by dream from leafpool and Feathertail.


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