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"The Sight: Warriors, Power of Three" by Erin Hunter

Firestar is re-seeing a prophecy he was given even before his daughters had been born that told him “There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.” He thinks this may mean that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw will have three kits who hold the power of the stars. This come true with Hollykit, Jaykit and Lionkit. Hollykit is the only girl and Jaykit is blind and Lionkit is much like his father Brambleclaw. they all want to become apprentices and explore the world outside of the camp. They will soon be six moons old so they can be apprentices but they are starting to be a nuisance in the nursery to Ferncloud and her small kits.
Spiderleg and Thornclaw rushed back from a patrol and announced that there was a dead fox on the thunderclan territory. The kits are jealous of the apprentices that get to look for cubs of the she fox so Lionkit, Hollykit and Jaykit ask their father Brambleclaw if they can help since they are ALMOST apprentices but he said no, not until they ARE apprentices.
Because of the answer they got out of their father Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit leave camp by themselves to show they are able to defeat the cubs and are useful to the clan. When they get to the den of the fox they the cubs are bigger than expected and Jaykit is chased out of the den by one of the cubs. From being blind he falls off a ledge and falls on the side of the thunderclan hollow.
While unconscious Jaykit gets a dream like the medicine cats from Spottedleaf. When he wakes Jaykit finds himself in Leafpool’s den. They talk and Leafpool thinks that Jaykit could be her apprentice to become a medicine cat. Leafpool asked Jaykit if he could tell by sent what herbs she had used and Jaykit figured them all out and even knew what Leafpool had used them for.
In the forest Hollykit and Lionkit are found by the patrols looking for the fox clubs. One of the patrol leaders is their father Brambleclaw and he is very disappointed in their behavior. When they are taken back to camp they see Jaykit when he is still unconscious on the side of the hollow and think he is dead. When Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight and Firestar tell Hollykit and Lionkit that Jaykit is ok they also tell them they were VERY bad and will have to stay in the nursery unless they have permission to leave from one of the queens in the nursery. If they misbehave once more their apprenticing ceremony may be help back by Firestar’s command.
Lionkit couldn’t sleep that night without Jaykit who was still in Leafpool’s den recovering from that morning to Lionkit snuck out of the nursery without permission and heard some warriors quarreling about how Firestar had given ShadowClan a piece of land. Lionkit also heard them tell stormfur and brook they were not needed because they were not thunderclan to their faces. While in hiding Lionkit was scared and angry from this fighting. an apprentice sees the kit hiding and asks him what he is doing but tells Lionkit he will not tell if he goes strait back to the nursery with Hollykit.
After Hollykit helps Lionkit get thorns out of his fur from the night before Hollykit gets some herbs from Leafpool to stop infection. When Mothwing and her apprentice Willowpaw come to talk to Leafpool about Willowpaw’s new dream Hollykit asks Willowpaw about being a medicine cat. After that Hollykit decided she wants to be a medicine cat when she gets older.
At the apprentice ceremony Lionkit becomes Lionpaw and his mentor will be Ashfur and Hollykit becomes Hollypaw and Leafpool’s apprentice. Jaykit is disappointed. He becomes Jaypaw and Brightheart’s apprentice. Jaypaw is disappointed because the others feel as though he is weak and useless because of being blind and because Brightheart has only one eye. Brightheart has talked to the blind warrior Longtail to help with some of the training. Jaypaw just wants to be treated like his brother and sister and not like a weak blind kit, Jaypaw is an APPRENTICE now and wants to be treated like one.
While Lionpaw and Hollypaw get to head out to the forest Jaypaw has to go with Brightheart and check for ticks and change the bedding in the elders den. Once Jaypaw is done Brightheart takes him to see some of the ThunderClan territory and treats Jaypaw like he has not sense of awareness what so ever. Jaypaw tries to act like he can fend for himself but then slips down a hill. Brightheart was beginning to believe Jaypaw was responsible too. On their way back to camp they run into the fox that Jaypaw had tangled with as a kit. A patrol helps then but the older apprentices start treating Jaypaw like a kit again.
Jaypaw tries to show the clan he can be the same as his brother and sister even without sight so he goes exploring alone. Jaypaw falls into the lake and Crowfeather saves him. When Crowfeather is taking Jaypaw back to camp he meets with Squirrelflight’s patrol who was looking for Jaypaw. When they get to camp Crowfeather takes Jaypaw to Leafpool. Jaypaw can sense a feeling between Leafpool and Crowfeather.
Jaypaw has to stay in camp for a ¼ moon. He cannot go to the gathering with Hollypaw and Lionpaw. At the gathering GRAYSTRIPE appears with a cat named Millie. Firestar is amazed and gratefully happy as is everyone else and surprised. Everyone had thought Graystripe was dead.
After they had checked to make sure Graystripe and Millie did not need anything to help make them stronger and healthier Leafpool took Hollypaw into the forest to do some battle training. When Hollypaw was doing well Cinderpaw and her mentor asked if Hollypaw and Cinderpaw could practice together.
Leafpool went to the moon pool and asked if Firestar should choose Brambleclaw or Graystripe as deputy and they just said that he should fallow his head not his heart no matter how hard it is. Jaypaw had fallowed Leafpool and had actually seen her dream. Leafpool told Jaypaw that she thought Jaypaw should become her apprentice. Jaypaw does not want to be a medicine cat even though he knows in the back of his head that he can’t really be as good a warrior as he can be a medicine cat.
Shadowclan moved the border and then Shadowclan and Thunderclan fought. Jaypaw Hollypaw and Lionpaw fought well.
Jaypaw wants to know if he should be a warrior of medicine cat so he goes to the moon pool to talk to Starclan about it. He wanders around trying to find someone to talk to and finds Tigerstar and Hawkfrost and when they are trying to talk him into training with them in his dreams like Hawkfrost and his father did Spottedleaf comes and takes him to a safer place and tells him that he has a gift. He can see things that Starclan can’t even see. She tells him that he has more power that the sharpest claw. After his dream Jaypaw hears whispers saying “Accept your destiny, Jaypaw”.
Jaypaw told Firestar that he needs to be a medicine cat and Hollypaw told Firestar told Firestar he needed to be a warrior. Firestar agreed and Hollypaw’s new mentor is Brakenfur. Hollypaw went right to training with Lionpaw and she caught a mouse.
Jaykit went with the medicine cats to the moon pool and Jaypaw heard a warning to windclan of dogs being set free by the twolegs to guard sheep when they eat the new grass. Jaypaw heard a few different dreams and wondered if Mothwing had dreams with starclan but when he asked Leafpool she changed the subject. Jaypaw told Firestar about the dogs and he told him not to get into business other than his own.
Windclan was attacked by dogs but thunderclan heard the fighting and came to help . Jaypaw had been right to tell Firestar after the trip to the moon pool when Firestar told Jaypaw not to get into other clans business.
Greencough and whitecough are in the clans. Most of the cats got better by the next gathering. At the gathering the clans decided to have a gathering in 2 sunrises and compete letting apprentices challenge each other and warriors challenge each other during the day peacefully.
Jaypaw had a dream and saw Firestar talking to an older cat and the older cat told Firestar “There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws.” Jaypaw realizes they are talking about him Hollypaw and Lionpaw.


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Wow, crazyreder, you are now the biggest "Warriors" on the NMS blog, or at least the reader who writes the longest reviews!

Remember, though, try not to give too much of the story away - you want to leave readers hanging so they want to go read the book themselves! Try to shorten your summaries, and write a bit about why you love these books so much! Is it the characters? The settings? The way the author writes? The drama, the battles, the clans etc etc?

Looking forward to reading your next review!

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wow you really did a nice job and i think i'm going to read this book it sounds very interesting and fun to read