Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Twilight: Warriors, The New Prophecy" by Erin Hunter

The clans have arrived at their new home and are settling in well. They have decided the borders and have started to search their new territories but still need to get used to the land.
There was a war between the clans. ThunderClan is trying to help sort things out after the fighting. Squirrelflight is upset with Brambleclaw for trusting his ½ brother Hawkfrost who she thinks is crazy and mean just for being Tigerstars son even thought Brambleclaw is too. a ThunderClan patrol fights off a badger and her three cubs after talking to windclan about their new leader Onestar. WindClan does not want any help from ThunderClan or even to speak with them even after they helped them survive the trek from the forest to their new woodland home. Because of being a medicine cat apprentice Leafpool cannot love any other cats but during the war Crowfeather told her that he loved her and she loves him back but she can’t tell anyone including her sister Squirrelflight. Leafpool does not know what to do now and Cinderpelt and Squirrelflight have both noticed that she isn’t acting normal. At the gathering the clan decided some major rules for their new home. Leafpool has a dream and must tell Mothwing that Riverclan is in trouble from twolegs. Leafpool tells Cinderpelt she is going out for herbs when she is really going to tell her. When the new apprentice Birchpaw becomes apprentice Brambleclaw does not become his mentor. He is upset because to be a deputy you must be a mentor to an apprentice and he wants to be a deputy so very bad. At the half moon the medicine cats went to the moon pool to get a message from starclan. The other cats got a similar dream and Leafpool got a totally different one which she cannot figure out. She has not told anyone. The other cats cannot figure out their massage either. On the way back she saw Crowfeather but they were not able to talk long. They planned to meet again when they are not near others. While a thunderclan patrol is patrolling the border they meet up with Daisy, a cat from the horse barn they found on the way to the now territory. She had 3 tiny little kits who if they had not taken them back to the camp would have probably died. She was taking her kits away from the twolegs who were going to take they away. Will they stay with the clan? When one of the Riverclan warriors comes rushing into thunderclan something must be wrong. They need Leafpool to help. The clan is majorly sick and cats are dying. She goes quickly to help and find out what is happening. When she gets there they find out from a patrol that the twolegs have left a metal thing with silver green liquid coming out. This is what made the clan sick. They find out the Dawnflower’s kits are the ones who found it and they are very sick along with their mother. One of the kits died and a warrior died otherwise the clan is ok thanks to Leafpool and Mothwing. When Squirrelflight meets up with Tawnypelt she find out that kitty pets are hurting the clan because their twolegs are hurting and killing the cats. Thunderclan and Shadowclan defeat them together. During the next gathering Crowfeather and Leafpool sneak away. The windclan leader Onestar does not agree with thunderclan or the other 2 clans. Thunderclan for helping other clans and river and shadow for letting them help. He must understand that thunderclan helped him and his clan when they needed it. Leafpool and the other medicine cats were talking and the weird dreams are continuing. Leafpool had a new dream and it was in a dark forest she does not even think starclan has ever trekked through. In it Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are looking a listing to their father Tigerstar. she is very worried now. One night Squirrelflight catches Leafpool sneaking out of camp late at night and when she tries to find out why she won’t tell her. After getting caught by Cinderpelt and Leafpool going to the moon pool leafpaw and Crowfeather decide to leave the clans and go to the mountains behind WindClan territory. They left and now windclan and thunderclan are looking for them. First the clans thought that the other clan had stolen their cats but when both of them were missing they followed their scent trails out of the whole territory until they did not think they could have gone any further. Leafpool and Crowfeather found a pool and a few trees where they are sleeping for the night. They awake to find the old badger Midnight who is on her way to warn the clans. The rest of the badgers were pushed out of their homes when the cats moved in. that is why there where so many badger sightings at first. The badgers are planning on killing many cats and running the rest of them out of the forest. Midnight is on her way to warn the clans of this terrible war. The 2 cats try to sleep but Leafpool gets a dream and Cinderpelt dies in her dream from a badger attack. The dreams of the other medicine cats are not coming together. They were being warned about the badgers. When neither of the as could sleep they decide to go and save their clans. The badgers have already started attacking and there has been no sign of Midnight, Leafpool or Crowfeather anywhere. The kits and queens are getting out of the camp and the elders are going to the leaders den for now. Leafpool and Crowfeather sneak in through a path where she left to sneak out of camp to see Crowfeather and they found the kits and queens huddled up there they told them the badgers were already there and they had to go and help. They ran into camp to see badgers and flying cats along with cats dead and dyeing on the ground. Her sister is garding the nursry and she and Crowfeather run over to her. Squirrelflight greets her and tells her there are kits coming in the nursy and she needs to go and help Cinderpelt. Crowfeather stands guard while squrrile flight and another warrior attack a badger heading strait for the nursry. When Leafpool gets inside the nursery she finds Cinderpelt on the ground, she is dead! When Crowfeather comes in to see what is going on he trys to comfort her but it is no use. She is blaming cinderpelts death on herself because she left. Outside another badger comes but does not start attacking instead she goes over to one of the two apprentices they have and strts talking to her to see if she is ok and what is going on. Along with her, Midnight, windclan came with some of their best warriors. She explaind when the rest of the badgers had fleed that the attack happened sooner than she expected so instead of coming alone she got some of the windclan cats to come. Leafpool exits the nursry and anonces that there are four new kits to add to thunderclan. The warrior guarding the entrence then lets out a yowl and everyone thinks there is another badger coming but instead they find Stormfur, the cat who left the clans to join the tribe because of his sisters death and fathers disaperence and Brook , one of the cats from the tribe whome Stormfur was in love with. They are shocked by the sight of the camp.
Will they be able to help all of the injured cats and how many of the cats have died or will die of injury? Is thunderclan going to have enough warriors after today’s attack? Most importantly is stormfur just visiting or here to stay?

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