Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Sunset: Warriors, The New Prophecy" by Erin Hunter

Thunderclan was attacked by badgers. Just before the attack Leafpool had run away with the WindClan warrior Crowfeather. They came back when the badger Midnight came by and told them that she was going to warn the clans that they had pushed the other badgers out of the forest and they were going to attack and get revenge. Then neither of the cats could sleep and Leafpool got a dream and Cinderpelt died in it so they headed back. When they got there the badgers had already attacked and they were too late to save Cinderpelt.
Thunderclan is trying to sort things out after the badger attack. Only a few cats were killed. Sorreltail’s kits ,who were born during the attack, were named Molekit Honeykit Poppykit and Cinderkit, the kit who looked just like Cinderpelt. Leafpool saw Spottedleaf in her dreams and she told her that she did the right thing and that Cinderpelt’s death was not her fault. She told her that Cinderpelt would reach her soon. On a border patrol some ThunderClan cats found a twoleg thing probably to trap foxes. They will keep an eye out and tell Firestar about it to see if the other clans should know especially ShadowClan where the trap was nearest. Leafpool tells Squirrelflight about a sight that she saw where she and Brambleclaw were walking so closely together that you could not tell the paw prints apart. There are twolegs with boats according to Daisy and they may be a problem for RiverClan and ShadowClan and will be reported at the next gathering and will be watched carefully. Leafpool gets a dream with three cats who know her. At first she thinks she is in the forest where Tigerstar walks but it is not. The cats are Yellowfang, Bluestar and Lionheart. They try to tell her about her future by telling her that other cats will shape her future but know no more than that. The next night she spies on Brambleclaw when he walks out of camp casually late at night. He just sits and stares at the lake. She sees a sign that shows that a prophecy that is “before there is peace blood will spill blood and the lake will run red”. Berrykit goes out exploring and gets into a fox trap they get him out but they need to get him to Leafpool soon. When they get to camp they drop off Berrykit and go over to the main part of camp to find that Stormfur and Brook are leaving to go to RiverClan and hopefully become warriors of RiverClan and they are not going back to the mountains for some reason. The clan is beginning to wonder why they came to the clans. Berrykit has not regained consciousness from the fox trap incident. Part of his tail was taken off and he is feverish. When Leafpool is taking a quick nap she gets a message from the former Riverclan medicine cat to give a message to Mothwing but Leafpool cannot give it to her yet and really needs to fast. During a patrol ThunderClan finds ShadowClan trying to place their scent markers way into the ThunderClan territory and they were fought away by Firestar and some of his warriors. At the gathering it is announced that Mothwing has a new apprentice, Willowpaw. While talking about RiverClan and ShadowClan taking over some of ThunderClan and WindClan’s territory because there are twolegs with water monsters, boats, in their territories a fight begins. Then the sky turns very dark and gloomy and they see this as a bad sign that they were wrong to fight at a gathering and that they angered their ancestors in StarClan. They must now go home but Leafpool needs to talk to Mothwing. At the thunderclan camp Daisy’s kits are chasing a butterfly and kill it making Leafpool wonder if Mothwing’s sign to be a medicine cat was made by Hawkfrost putting a moth’s wing in front of the medicine cats den in RiverClan to make his sister become the medicine cat. Then daisy leaves in the night with her kits and creates an uproar in the camp. Cloudtail and Brambleclaw got to the horse barn to see if she went there with the kits and she was there. With the help of the kits they get Daisy to go back to the forest mainly because the kits REALLY want to live in the forest and become warriors of ThunderClan, especially Berrykit, they will head off in the morning after a good night’s sleep in the barn. They will leave the kits father and another cat who lives in the horse barn in the horse barn and may allow the kits to visit latter when they are older, probably full grown and trained warriors. Leafpool gets a dream from feathertail and takes her to willowpaw in her dreams wich does not normally happen. They show her where they can find a herb which they may need. While she is speaking with her sister leafpool hears a voice whom she does not know that tells her “before there is peace,blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red. Brambleclaw was sent out to watch riverclan and shadowclan to see what the twolegs were doing to them when they found twoleg nest that were moveable on their border. While brambleclaw was spying on riverclan from in a tree he saw stormfur and brook on a patrol with hawkfrost. At camp stormfur attacked hawkfrost when he made him angry making him and brook have to leave the clan. They will go with brambleclaw back to thunderclan at least for the night. Stormfur and brook have a choice to stay or leave. The other cats mainly dustpelt and mousefur want them gone for being a tribe cat and a cat who they say can’t decide where they belong. They think that Firestar is letting them stay because stormfur is Graystripe’s son. Cats are telling Firestar that he needs to appoint a new deputy and stop belivign that Graystripe is coming and face the unkown fact that Graystripe is dead/ They will sit vigile for the night and decide the deputy in the morning. Leafpool will look out for any sign for Starclan about him or the deputy that Firestar should choose. Leafpool finaly gets a sign and bramble claws are garding the calan and she thinks this is a sight of Brambleclaw becoming deputy and she will go tell Firestar. He agrees he is a good choce and tells her he was also thinking of Brackenfur. He chosses Brambleclaw and tells him he will become Barrykits mentor as soon as he is ready. When he tells the clan Ashfur says that Brambleclaw being Squirrelflights mate and Squirrelflight being Leafpools sister they created a plan to make it so that it looks like Leafpool got a sign for Brambleclaw to become deputy. Brambleclaw meets Hawkfrost and Tigerstar in a dream and tells them of him becoming deputy. He will meet with Hawkfrost in a few days. He is a little overwhelmed and comfused about his duties and Berrykit is very exited about become him apprentice and wants to become apprenticed as soon as possible so he can be the DEPUTY’S apprentice. Willowpaw is going to the moonpool with the medicin cats to see if she will be accepted by starclan. She is and she dreams with Leafpool about a storm cloud. They think this is a sign of danger but will not say anything until there is a clearer sign. While Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are at there meeting they hear a cat in distress. It is Firestar. He is caght in a fox trap. Ashfur had been with him and he has gone back to camp to tell leafpoola dn squrrileflight. He tells them that Firestar is caught and Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are there so that they think the ½ brothers are trying to take after there father and get revenge for him by killing Firestar. When they get there tey smell blood and think firestr is dead but find out that Firestar is a live and Brambleclaw saved him. Firestar is proud for Brambleclaw killing his ½ brother and betray his fathers will. Leafpool decides that the propachy ment that brothers would fight and one would spill the others blood making the lake red referign to Brambleclaw and hawfrost and Brambleclaw killing his kin.

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