Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Kicked Out" by Beth Goobie

Your brother was a perfect student and compared to him you are just a FAILURE. Dime is always missing out because her curfew is at nine o'clock. So then her brother invites her to live with him. Then at first, Dime's boyfriend and her best friend think it's her apartment but it's not. But in school there's some trouble Dime has to face. Her boy-friends ex-girlfriend really misses him, so they plan to have a fight. Life goes on and parents want her to move in and she's not a FAILURE anymore. She's actually more happy at her brother's apartment, and he's too.

I'd Rate this 5 out 5 stars. Go on and read this taught me many lessons!!

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The Librarian said...

These Orcas are so full of drama - just like middle school :)