Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Rescue Josh McGuire" by Ben Mikaelsen

Rescue Josh McGuire is a book about a thirteen year old boy who runs away to the mountains of Montana. Josh was forced in his mind to run away. His drunken father hadn't been the same since the death of Joshes older brother. Josh's once caring father who had been filled with compassion turned to drinking and violence. After Josh rescues a bear cub that had been orphaned by its father, he realizes that the county game warden will take the bear cub away from Josh for research and a certain death in the state laboratory. After Josh gets advice from a former environmental professor and goes through a night of sleeplessness, he makes a plan to get away from civilization. Now those wilderness survival lessons Josh's dad and brother taught him will pay off. The adventure starts with some struggles through weather, food, and nosey people. Will Josh survive and save the life of a young bear cub?? Read Rescue Josh McGuire by Ben Mikaelson to find out.


The Librarian said...

This was Ben's first book, I think. Do you know that Mr. Mikaelsen is coming to visit us in April?

Anonymous said...

You captured nicely all the conflicts Josh has to face in this book . . . I'm hooked.