Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Warriors: Book 1, Into The Wild" by Erin Hunter

The medicin cat of Thunderclan is told by Starclan " Fire alone will save our clan"

Rusty, the young, flame colored housecat has a dream for the third time. He is in the forest hunting a mouse and then wakes up. Later the next day Rusty decides it is time to venture into the forest beyond his garden fence. Once in the forest he is attacked by a forest cat about his age name Graypaw. He is one of the apprentices in ThunderClan, one of the four warrior clan in the forest.(ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ThunderClan) ThunderClans leader, Bluestar, saw the battle and thought the young kittypet fought well against the training apprentice and would make a nice warrior. Bluestar askes Rusty to join ThunderClan. The housepet will return to the forest hte neght afternoon to give the clan his final answer. That night Rusty decides he should go to the clan. He is given a warrior name when he decides to join the clan, Firepaw for his fire colored pelt. Soon after Firepaw was givin his warrior name another apprentice named Ravenpaw, who had been with the deputy of the clan redtail and a warrior named Tigerclaw, comes back and says Redtail was killed in a battle with RiverClan soon before Tigerclaw come back with the dead deputy in his mouth. Redtail had been Ravenpaws mentor so Raven paw was given a new mentor, the warrior Darkstrip and the warrior Lionheart was made the new deputy. the next day Firepaw was taken on a patrol to learn the forest and the borders of the clan and caught his first mouse.
after two months with the clan Firepaw is take out for his first solo hunt. fora while Graypaw hunted with him and they saw a fox and a ShadowClan warrior from across the thunderpath(road).
While hunting one day Firepaw runs into the former madicin cat of ShadowClan who had been run out of her clan. They fought for a while but stoped when a patrol came and took the tartior back as a prisinor. When at the camp firepaw is punished for feeding the tratior and not finishing her off. He is also given a mentor...Bluestar.
Firepaw is now making friends with Graypaw and Ravenpaw. They will be going togeather to a gathering, a meeting of all the clans to speack of numorous things. At the gathering Shadowclan says Yellowfang is a dangerous creature and will harm any clans kits. They are told to kill her before any kits are harmed. Bluestar decides that Yellowfang will be fine to stay for now and that she will be taking Firepaw and his friends to the moonstone, a great place where all leaders go to and get messages and visions from StarClan(The dead ansestors of the clans, each cat is a star). This is a journy each apprentice must take before becomeing a warrior and a great honor.
There was a long journy to the moonstone whome wich the three apprentices went iwth Bluestar and Tigerclaw. Only Bluestar and Firepaw went into the cave the rest of them stayed outside by Bluestar's orders. Bluestar is given a frightning vision while and moonstone and hurrys back to the camp as fast as she can until she meets an old friend who is a loner and are attacked by rats at the farm where he stays. When they get to the camp ShadowClan is attacking already. Only one warrior is killed...but it is the deputy Lionheart. The new deputy that is named is Tigerclaw. While the clan is fixing up the camp from the battle Firepaw over hears Tigerclaw talking to Darkstripe and longtail saying that Ravenpaw snuck off durring the journy to help Shadowclan and tell them the camp was less garded. WHile Firepaw is tarinign with Bluestar he hopes to tell her about Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw but is unable to.
There are four new kits in the clan. After visiting the kits Bluestar talks to firepaw about soeme diffrent sthings and tells his that she lied to hte clan about how many lives of her nine she has lonst. She told them she had only lost 5 so they wouldn't worry but when they were at the rat attack she actualy lost her 7th!
Yellowfang is blamed for killing the medicin cat of thunderclan and takign the four new kits and then takign them to be killed in SHadowClan. Ravenpaw is also blamed for being a help so Firepaw and Graypaw take him to the loner at hte farm to hide until things are fixed. Firepaw and Graypaw find Yellowfang in ShadowClan teritiory, not hurting hte kits but trying to find them. She also tells the apprentices that she was blamed for killing kits and kicked out of SHadowClan for what their leader was doing. He was making kits apprentices at 3 moons(months) and not 6 like normal and full warriors at 5 moons! The three of them decide ot try and get the kits back so Yellowfang get three old friends to help and a ThunderClan patrol comes and helps. Yellowfang is taken in liek a prisnor but actualy brought the ThunderClan warriors in so they could defeat the bad warriors of ShadowClan and make it a better clan again and tog et hte kits out safly. They sucsesfully do both of these.
When the cats return Graypaw and Firepaw are given their warrior names. Graystripe and Fireheart.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars for great detail and orginazation as well as just being a fun read. I would recomend this book to anyone.

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