Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Click Here" by Denise Vega

Meet Erin Swift who has a crush on a computer geek but popular! Her best friend is on the exact opposite team so sad for Erin. Erin and her friend kind of depart and Erin grow closer to the geeky computer popular kid! She also helps people learn how to use the computer! After some rumors and so on so forth she punches the most dramatic and popular girl in the face and she's one of the not really talkitive girls in middle school! The format of the book is kind of like a web site! i thought it was really cool!!
I'd Rate this 4 of 5 stars got boring at first but gott much better


The Librarian said...

Sounds like this book has plenty of the drama that is typical in middle school. (Bet you could write your own book ...!)

Chargersfan13 said...

oh thanks...