Friday, December 11, 2009

"Cut" by Patricia McCormick

Callie was just a normal school-girl, until she was sent to the "loony bin." Callie cuts herself, and she enjoys it. Cutting always makes her feel better. But ever since she was sent to that hellish place, she doesn't talk to anyone, she isn't open, and she doesn't cut herself. Everyone there is watched 24/7. Her shrink always gives her time, waiting for the day when she starts telling her something. The shrink never pushes Callie, she just pleasantly waits. Finally, when Callie starts talking, the shrink waits, listening, gently urging her on to add more detail, more information about her life. Callie explains everything, from the cutting to her parents. When Callie gets out of the office, she decides to leave this place. Run, actually. Callie loves running. Her father finds her at a cafe. He asks her if she wants to go back, and she says yes. Callie promises herself then to talk more, and be a friend.

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The Librarian said...

This author's "Sold" is pretty powerful, too.