Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Blue Noon: Midnighters #3" by Scott Westerfeld

Follow the adventures as jessica day learns the true powers of being the fire bringer. As the group follows madalines orders they are sent into chaos as madaline opens the darkness in Rex's mind only to screw up her own and start a chain reaction. In the darkness in Rex's brain tells him, Samhain will take place on halloween. This holliday is only for darklings, for when a rip in the blue time expands, reaching up to 300 miles away, darklings will feast, sucking the nightmares out of peoples heads and consuming the people's bodys. Its like a movie as the rip expands taking in the whole town and much more. Will Rex, Mallissa, Dess and the gang be able to help people and save thier lives, or will it be too late?( Dun, dun, DUN!!!)

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The Librarian said...

Good job, Awsomness - we've got lots more SciFi in the library waiting for you!