Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"The Secret Hour: Midnighters, Book 1" by Scott Westerfield

Imagine a world where time stops... pretty cool huh? In Bixby, thats exactly what happens. For children who are born one second before or after midnight, you have one extra hour of the day(or, night!). At exactly midnight in Bixby, the whole town freezes... Except for the Midnighters! The horrible things that had always awaited the midnighters, things like slithers and Darklings finally are awakened by the power they sence in Malissa, a Midnighter new to the "Blue Time" when the whole town freezes. Scared at first, Malissa ventures out only to start un- ravveling the mysterys that awaited her as a true Midnighter, with real powers, the power to controll... HA!!!!! Yeah, like I would spoil that! Yuo will just have to read to find out.

I give this book a million stars. finally


The Librarian said...

Glad to see you are writing for us, Awsomness. Keep 'em coming. I read this book, too, and kept thinking how nifty it would be to travel through a world that is stopped in time - what fun, except for those darned slithers....!

<3<3I ROCK<3<3 said...

This book looks really good and sounds good to by what i read that u wrote and maybe i will read it sometime.