Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Stranded" by Ben Mikaelsen

This book it good, but i would rather have read a different book than this. This was and okay kind of book.

Stranded is about a little girl named Koby who lost her foot in an accident four years ago. After the accident the kids in her school started to give Koby weird glances and her parents are too concern about her getting hurt again. She only feels safe and at home when she is in the ocean or at the dinghy. Later on Koby then finds herself stranded in the middle of the ocean with two dying pilot whales and an aching foot that she got hurt from in an accident. The lives of the two poor whales are in Koby's hand and there are no rescuers in sight. If Koby doesn't do something quick shell be stranded there herself and the whales would die.

This book was very interesting,but it wasn't a book that really had me focused on it if i had to rate this book it would be 3 out of 5 stars

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The Librarian said...

I think I liked this book more than you did, but I love all of Ben's books. Did you know this author will be visiting us in April?