Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"I Am Apache" by Tanya Landman

This is my favorite book in the world. It gets so interesting i couldn't put it down when i started reading it.

This book is about a fourteen year old Apache girl whose little brother was murdered by the Mexican raiders. The Apache girl's name is Siki, Siki wants revenge of the Mexican raiders that brutally murdered her younger brother.
Siki turns away from the girls path and wants to be a warrior and wants to have the ability of a warrior of her Apache tribe.

What will happen? Will she get her revenge?


The Librarian said...

Phew - can you imagine living through what happened to Siki?

J.Garcia(book_craze) said...

i know its very sad in the beginning and then it gets better at the end this is a very good book.

Awsomness said...

That must be a horrible thing to go through, but I admire her persistance and bravery in becoming a warrior.