Monday, December 7, 2009

"Dreamland" by Sarah Dessen

Caitlin has felt alone after her older sister Cass ran away on her birthday. The whole family has been affected. But then Caitlin meets Rogerson. He is mysterious, exotic, and addictive. She can't live without him, and he feels the same way. But Rogerson is also dangerous. When Caitlin makes the small mistake of being late, when her best friend Rina was in a crisis and needed comforting. She was late to meet Rogerson, and was taken by surprise after a joke, by being hit in the face. This was the first time Caitlin saw the real Rogerson. Now, she has to stick to the strict schedule, never be late, and never be caught talking to another male outside of her family. Even when she obeys him, he finds an excuse to hit her anyways. Rogerson even influenced her to do drugs, the drugs he sells. Through all this, Caitlin feels like she is drowning, not able to come to the surface and breathe. Her parents are too occupied with seeing Cass on the Lamont Whipper Show and waiting for calls, to see what is really happening. It seems like Cass is in too deep, and won't be able to tell anyone. She can't break up with Rogerson because she loves him. Will she finally tell someone, or will she just be pushed too far? Will Rogerson go too far, and hurt her bad enough to lose herself? Will Caitlin finally be able to breathe? To find out read Dreamland by Sarah Dessen.
This book is a really intense book, by one of my favorite authors. I give it five out of five stars. Sarah Dessen also has many other great books that are equally treasured by me. I recommend this book to people who love suspense and drama.


The Librarian said...

I love Sarah Dessen books, too. I haven't read this one, though, and your review makes me want to read it NEXT!

Awsomness said...

Dude, this book sounds like it will keep me on the edge of my seat! I think that i will read it next cuz it sounds AWSOME!!! thanx 4 hookin me up!!!

booklover101 said...

your welcome. it is a really great book.