Monday, March 1, 2010

"Ghost of Spirit Bear" by Ben Mikaelsen

ghost of spirit bear by ben mikaelsen brings back Cole Matthews but he isnt living in alaska anymore now he is back home, and has to deal with the worst part of coming back... High School. Cole is living with his mom back at home and is now best friends with Peter ( the boy that cole beat up). in this book cole has to attend school and has to hold his anger back or he will be put behind bars. but when the jocks and bullies of the school start picking on peter and cole this doesnt help Cole com his anger. if you remember in touching spirit bear the 1st book in this series it says how cole was beaten, cole condors this fear and goes and sees his father again but doesnt get the welcoming feeling he should get.

i would recommend this book to someone who read the first book and likes to make a difference in someones life. this book is a 4-5 rating.


The Librarian said...

All of Ben's books are SO GOOD!

SportyGirl28 said...

they are all good