Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Thunder Cave" by Roland Smith

In the book Thunder Cave Jacob thinks he has a normal life, but when he gets home from school and gets a message on his phone saying his mom was hit by a car while she was jogging. He rushes to the hospital just in time to say goodbye. His mom died that night. His dad was in Kenya, Africa researching Elephants in the bush. Jake's step dad was going to send him to Oregon to live with his uncle but he wants to go to Africa to be with his dad. His step dad has to go on a job in the south for a week. Jake finds his opportunity to get an air travel ticket to Africa. After he had his bike painted like a zebra he took of on his plane. Immediately after arriving in Africa he was having Major problems from getting mugged, to having his bike stolen, to stealing it back, to have to ride through the bush in search of his dad, and going face on to a lion. After going through all of that he had set up a camp near a tree fell asleep and awoke to being stampeded on passing out and waking in a bloody dried river bed with tons of dead animals. when he gets up and sees what scared them all he spots flames and burnt plants and animals everywhere. Later that day he spots a bunch of poachers slaughtering a mother elephant and its baby. after being captured and almost killed a few times by the poachers he reunites with his dad and takes down every last poacher.
I would read this book if i was into action , adventure, and the nature of other counries. Thunder Cave

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The Librarian said...

Roland Smith's books are always good - I especially liked "Peak."