Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Rescue Josh McGuire" by Ben Mikaelsen

Josh McGuire was a country boy, living with his normal-looking family. But it wasn't normal. Josh's father drank his heart out because of Josh's older brother's death, Tye. The book starts out with Josh and his father out on a hunting trip. Josh's father shoots a bear cub's mother and pretends it wasn't his mother at all, and that the cub's mother is out in the woods, still looking for it's cub. Josh takes the cub home without his father's permission, calling a friend of his, Otis, to help but not come near. Because of his father not wanting the bear cub, Pokey he named him, Josh ran away into the woods. He told Otis over the phone that he would not return until the hunting laws have changed or if he could keep Pokey. After being in the woods for a long time, suffering through storms and cold, Josh was injured, trying to get back to camp. The police found him from his blood trail and brought him to the hospital. Josh had thought the police shot Pokey, but they hadn't. The police brought Pokey to Josh in the hospital and everybody rejoiced.
The hunting laws were changed for spring hunting, but only for a short while. The laws are back to normal now, seemingly unchanged.
Rescue Josh McGuire is by Ben Mikaelsen.

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This was Ben's first book.