Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Skulduggery Pleasant" by Derek Landy

In Skulduggery Pleasant a girl named Stephine thought she had a normal life until her Uncle Gordon died and his will was read! The last request on Gordons will was that Stephanie got his fortune and his house. That night she stayed in the house by herself reading her uncles written books about magic and monsters and secret wars. But little did she know most of the books were based on real things most people don't know about. She was almost done with a book when someone knocked on the front door and demanded to come in to get a key, out of now were skulduggery pleasant burst through a window and started throwing fire at the man who wanted the key. After the fight he lost his hat, sunglasses, and scarf that covered is face, revealing his skeleton self. None the less Stephanie asked questions about him, until she asked to go with him to were ever it was he was going next. He hesitated but then agreed. Stephanie gets introduced to elemental magic and scocers magic. in elemental there are fire, water ,air, and earth. Skulguggery soon figured out that Serpine the one who killed him a long time ago was trying to get a hold of the book of names(book of names,every name of every person)which only had the protection of will power, the closer you get the more you think your getting trapped. After the leaders of all Magicians were killed by Serpine and his gang there was a fierce fight between good and evil. Soon enough Skulduggery had Serpine pined against a wall when he turned him to dust with the ancients scepter and destroyed the evil of Serpine ounce and for all.
I would only read this book if i were into sarcasm ,fiction, and the good and evil forces in a great book!

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There's a sequel to this one in the library....