Friday, March 5, 2010

"Jaguar" by Roland Smith

In the book Jaguar as a sequel to Thunder Cave it starts out as Jake and his father back in New York, but Jake would be lucky to see his father more than once a day because he would always be researching jaguars and other animals in South America because he was planing on making a reserve for the jaguars with his life long friend Bill. He told Jake that he would be gone for a month and Jake would be staying at a home with his grandfather. After several months at the home Jake got worried and started sending letters to his dad in South America. his dad never sent back Jake got a ticket for a plane and left.
when Jake got there his dad and bill were just arriving on the boat they were going to travel upriver in. when they got off Bill stayed on board to check something while Jake's dad got of and went to greet him. Out of no were the boat exploded killing bill and braking his dads arm and another friends leg. Jake learns how to fly the plane that the other friend made. a week later they all leave to build the reserve. on the way there the boat gets sabotaged and to men try to find an old tribes treasure that's buried under a lake, Next to Jake's camp. one of the men shoot the other while he grabs Jake and threatens to kill him, but there friend a woman archer shoots him in the chest with an arrow and kills him were he stood. the police come take the bodies, and Jake his dad and the two friends finish bills dream to create a Jaguar reserve.
I would read this book if I were into action , adventure , family , and nature.

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The Librarian said...

This author sure knows how to write about adventure and suspense!