Saturday, March 6, 2010

"New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer

Alike the book, bella is still in love with edward. but, when edward leaves bella, the worst thing happens. She falls into a spiralling depression, and whenever she even thinks about edward, her still strong love comes back to haunt her as a piercing pain in her chest. Being forced to curl up into a ball isnt the best thing to be doing, so she does something unexpected. Whenever she is doing something wreckless, she sees a vision of edward, so, she makes a rash decision: she got a dirtbike. You all remember Jacob, correct? well, she asks him to help her fix the bike, and when she does so, Jacob falls in love with her. After he is done fixing the dirtbike, bella goes to further and further extents to see edward. But when jacob joins a misterious cult, Bella need help, but now there is no body to help her.
What will happen to bella now? read the book to Find out. I give this book five of five stars!


Anonymous said...

I think the book sounds great.I would love to read it some time.


The Librarian said...

Although I really liked this book, Bella kind of got on my nerves with her depression over Edward. Get over it, girl!