Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Sparrow Hawk Red" by Ben Mikalesen

Ricky was a normal boy living with only his father for his mother had died years earlier. Ricky was a whiz at flying, having been taught by his stunt-pulling father. Until the day he heard about the truth of how his mother died, he was told it was a car crash. The real reason for her death was a drug smuggling company in Mexico. This was found out by some DEA agents, where his a=father used to work at, they had come over to get help from Ricky's father. Ricky leaves his home and skips school to go into Mexico and pretend to be a ratero, or street rat. Ricky makes a very unusual friend, Soledad, and she works very hard at earning money, but never getting enough. Ricky sneaks into the drug company to steal an aircraft they are harboring to smuggle drugs across the border. Ricky got into the Sparrowhawk, making his escape and flying home. His father helped him escape in his own aircraft, Baby Great Lakes, being Ricky's wingman. Ricky is praised for his efforts and will probably never get rid of the satisfaction of helping his home country out. Still, Ricky made a promise to Soledad-that he would help her... and her family.
Sparrow Hawk Red is by Ben Mikaelsen.

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The Librarian said...

This one is one of my favorite Ben Mikaelsen books.