Monday, March 22, 2010

"Lifting the Sky" by Mackie d'Arge

Ever since her dad left the familywhen she was small, 12-year-old Blue has continually moved from place to place with her ranch-hand mother. Finally, Blue can hardly believe her luck - her mom has been hired to manage the ranch of Blue's dreams - the house and mountains even match a drawing that Blue once drew. In short order, Blue acquires a pair of orphaned calves to take for, a friend from the neighboring reservation, and the strange and wonderful ability to see the auras - the colors, lights, and energies - given off by all living things. Blue begins to realize her special talents might actually enable her to find her place in the world when she learns she can manipulate the auras to help heal injuries. Blue's "dream-come-true" is threatened, however, when her and her mother's past starts to catch up with them.
I'll probably never live on an isolated ranch in Wyoming, but after reading this book, I think I have a good idea what it would be like. I love the ability of some authors who create characters so real and believable that one feels one can actually go track them down for a good visit. Blue is such an appealing character, one can't help but hope that things work out for her. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and nature, or who is wondering about their own place in the world. Plus, who couldn't use a little virtual vacation in the mountains of Wyoming?
I'd rate this book FIVE out of FIVE stars.

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