Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Red Midnight" by Ben Mikaelsen

In the book Red Midnight you will learn how in Guatemala a boy named Santiago and his young sister Angelina escape from there village before the guerrilla soldiers kill them like all of there other friends and family. After there escape they walk and ride in the back of a drunk drivers truck for miles until Antiago spots his uncle Ramos'es summer hut. After a short rest on his uncles bed him and his sister are awoken to Enrique a good friend of there uncle who watches over the hut in the winter. Antiago thought he would be safe there but Enrique told him the soldiers were visiting here often as well. They decided it would be to dangerous to stay so Enrique told him that he would have to take his uncles kayak across the ocean and Mexican Gulf to get to Florida in the United States of America. During the long and perilous journey Antiago and Angelina learn a lot about what had happened when the soldiers destroyed there village, and killed all the people in it besides them. But soon they arived on a rapid wave that through them onto Florida's beach. That very night would be there last on the ocean, But there first in America with people and soldiers who dont want to kill them but instead help them.

In my opinion as a reader and a student I think Red Midnight would be a great book for someone who likes to learn about history through stories!

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Welcome aboard, reader! I look forward to more of your reviews, so keep them coming! How many stars (out of FIVE) would you rate this book?