Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Rescue Josh McGuire" by Ben Mikaelsen

in the book Rescue, Josh McGuire by Ben mickaelsen bring Josh McGuire a boy beaten by his overly drunken father,Sam, starts getting these beatings after the death of his older brother Tye. while hunting up in the mountain josh's dad Sam shoots a black bear, the law is over in his town is if it the bear has a cub it is illegal to shoot it. when josh is told to fetch a bag Josh swears he saw a bear cub. did his dad kill a mother bear. what if it her cub what will happen to the bear and his dad. will josh save the baby bear before it is to late? when Josh hears that this baby bear will be tested and killed josh takes his brothers motorcycle, the cub and his dog.

if you want to read a book with wondering whats going to happen next then i recommend this book to you. this book is really good and a must read. i rate this 5-5

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The Librarian said...

This makes "two" for your Ben Mikalesen reviews - one more, and you earn your own private photo shoot with Ben! (Did you realize you may also now pose for your own READ poster, too? See me for details....)