Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Pendragon: Merchant of Death" by D.J. MacHale

Every teen has crushes, plays b-ball, travels throughtime and space... wait what?!?!? this is how bobby penndragon feels. Its the day of the play off game at his high school, the girl of his dreams just kissed him... what could go wrong, right? How about his uncle crashing in while hes in the middle of the kiss of his dreams with courtney chetwyned and riding off into the night, only to be dragged through time and space. Yeah, really! when his uncle takes him to an old abandoned subway, and goes to a hidden door. When his uncle and him are shot at by a rediculously tall stranger named saint dane, they run for cover. They get to the inst hidden door, close the door, when his uncle yells out " denduron!!!" things get pretty freaky. the tunnel at the inside of the door seems to go on forever, but them a jumble of sweet musicle notes and white light pour out and bobby and his uncle are swept away. When they reach the end of the tunnel, it is up to bobby and his uncle to save denduron, an alien planet with close to no technology, and close to no hope for servival. will they make it out alive? who knows. read the book!
I would give this book 32.999 stars out of five. You wont believe this book! I cant do it justice, you have to read it yourself!

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The Librarian said...

You provided a great hook - what a great way to lure readers in. Good work!